What Type Of A Traveler Are You?

by Sunaina Aiyappa
travel quiz

One should travel not only to see new places but to also meet new people. We travel to tell stories. We travel to gain experiences. But mainly, we travel to find a side to us that we have been trying to discover. Take this super fun quiz to discover the types of travelers around you; and which are you? We answer it Bollywood style!

Speaking of telling stories, who tells us good stories than the movies? Bollywood movies have some very iconic characters that you can relate to when it comes to traveling. Movies like ZNMD, YJHD, Highway, Queen and so on have given us entertainment backed by new travel goals. Not just that, there’s definitely a lot of lessons to take away from these movies when it comes to traveling.

Among other things, when you travel, you’re opening your mind to the things you haven’t experienced before. Like Bunny from YJHD was someone who was open to experimenting with cuisines, journaling his experiences and so on and so forth. Similarly, we’ve seen movie characters like Rani from Queen who enjoyed her honeymoon without a partner to Veera from Highway who warms up to others en route. Curious to know which character you are??

Find out your Bollywood traveler alter-ego!

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What Type Of A Traveler Are You?
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What Type Of A Traveler Are You?
Want to know what type of a traveler you are? Answer these 9 fun questions and find out what it says about you as a traveler.
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