What Type Of A Traveller Are You?

by Vineet
What Type Of A Traveller Are You?

What type of a traveller are you?

One should travel not only to see new places but to also meet new people. We travel to tell stories. We travel to gain experiences. But mainly, we travel to find a side to us that we have been trying to discover.

Life lessons a Traveller learns during the trips

Travel teaches you many things; patience, to take risks, to set new goals and so on. But let us discover what it says about you. Whether you enjoy luxury or to rough it out, this quiz will tell you who you are as a traveller.

Among other things, when you travel you’re opening your mind to things that you haven’t experienced before. Here are some of the types of travellers that we have come across:

1.The Wanderer:

This type of a traveller is usually someone who likes going with the flow. They aren’t too worried about the outcome, as long as they’re having fun doing what they do. It is safe to say that they’re risk takers and they generally prefer going with the flow.

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2. The Cool Cat

Irrespective of how hectic it gets at work, you’re the type of traveller who manages to take a break when necessary. You don’t stress about how the trip will be as you’re generally the calm in the chaos. For you, travelling is all about having fun and a way to express yourself.


3. The Organised One

You need a plan! This type of a traveller knows the itinerary, knows what to pack and will usually have a camera to capture the good times. You may be organised but you’re equally adventurous too!


4. The Comfort Lover

Comfort is Key for this type of a traveller. You need to know that you’re staying at a comfortable place and eating good food. You’re not a fan of experimenting but you’re game to try something out if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Well, now that we have mentioned the different types of travellers to you,  it is time to answer 9 fun questions and find out what type of a traveller you are.

What type of a traveler are you?
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