Chandigarh or Hyderabad – Which is Better For A Vacation?

by Paripsa Pandya

If life was a mix-tape, a road-trip would be the party song in that tape; you want to play it on loop, it’s something you never get tired of. There’s something about road trips that makes them so charming. The idea of packing all your loved ones into a car and driving to some of the best Indian cities is incredibly exciting. Maybe it’s the road, or the company or that road trip playlist, that makes a road trip absolutely irresistible. 

With winters setting in, we all want to utilise those paid leaves. And what better way than to go on a road trip?
While there are unlimited options for a road trip in India, Chandigarh and Hyderabad are among the best Indian cities to travel to. If you want to go on a road trip and are confused between the two places, here’s a few parameters you can look into: 

1. Chandigarh is a short road trip whereas Hyderabad is a longer drive

Chandigarh is just a 3 hour drive from Delhi. But Hyderabad is relatively far from major cities like Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. So if you have only a couple of days in hand, it’s better to opt for Chandigarh. But if you have a long weekend, you can plan a road trip to Hyderabad. 

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2. Hyderabad is a haven for architecture buffs

In terms of historical and architectural beauty, Hyderabad is one of the best Indian cities to visit. From the mighty Golconda Fort to the majestic Char Minar to the Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad has lots to offer to architecture lovers. If you’re looking to appreciate the grandeur of architecture, Hyderabad is what you must go for. 

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3. Chandigarh is a confluence of modern infrastructure and natural beauty with the best of Indian intellect

Chandigarh is one of the most organized and well-built Indian cities. The Rock Garden by Nek Chand is one of the finest examples of upcycling and a must-visit for sustainability warriors and those who love exploring parks. Besides that, a boat ride in Sukhna Lake at the end of a day spent exploring will relieve you of all the exhaustion. If you’re looking to relax Chandigarh is the Indian city you should go on a road trip to. 

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4. Coffee-lovers must road trip to Hyderabad whereas cafe-aficionados can go to Chandigarh

If you’re a coffee nerd and can go to despicable lengths for that perfect brew, Hyderabad is the place! With some incredibly interesting roasteries, Hyderabad’s coffee scene is truly buzzing. On the other hand, if you enjoy sitting in quaint cafes with some live music, then Chandigarh is the more obvious choice.

5. Shopaholics must road trip to both Hyderabad and Chandigarh

If you enjoy shopping, you have to check out Hyderabad’s shopping scene on your road trip to the city. The pearls of Hyderabad totally live up to all the hype surrounding them. You can spend hours walking through the busy lanes of the market around Char Minar, shopping the most exquisite pearl jewellery. 

If you’ve always admired how the Punjabis wear those beautiful “suits”, Chandigarh has enough and more stores that will cater to every need of yours. With Shastri market in Sector 22 and Shopping centre in sector 17, you’re bound to find everything under the sun. In fact you will be spoilt for choice if you ask me.

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6. Nature lovers must to go on a road trip to Chandigarh 

Chandigarh is close to some beautiful hill stations. This makes it one of the best Indian cities to road trip to. If you have 3-4 days in Chandigarh, you can easily make day trips. Shimla, McLeod Ganj, Chail or Kasauli are some places you can get a whiff of the mountains. Chandigarh thus gives you the best of both worlds- a city break with easy access to the hills! 

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Chandigarh and Hyderabad are undoubtedly 2 of the best cities in India to go on a road trip to. While both are great destinations, depending on your preferences, you can opt for either of these as there’s enough to do in both these destinations. Culture nerds can go museum hopping through Hyderabad whereas nature lovers can unwind in Chandigarh. It’s a great mix of interests and it will definitely not fail to surprise you.

The one thing both destinations have in common is that both of them are incredibly fun places and you can be assured of tons of indelible memories!

Hyderabad vs Chandigarh- which city will you road trip to? Well, we can help you decide and give you itineraries for both these places. All you need to do is Hire a Scout and let them help you #MarkAndEmbark!

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