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Remember planning road trips in the 90s? You wrote the major towns on the way to your ultimate destination on a piece of paper with nothing but arrows and an indication of the approximate distance. Some of the major points you noted would mention things like the one dhabha where you should try the chicken, to the one petrol pump which you had to avoid because of spurious fuel. You even had some notes around the edges about the things to watch out for on the way from cows, to irate villagers.

With the increase in road travel in India and economy around it; there has been a great improvement in facilities on the way for any traveler. A family man does not have to think twice before venturing out on a 1000km drive with his wife and 3-year-old son as there has been a drastic change in the way we look at road trips with family.

But somewhere down the line we made things complicated and less fun with online maps. The focus was only on routing and not enjoying the journey – getting the optimum routes with the least traffic. But the best road trips were always about the journey; and that’s what we’ve  been working on.

From satisfying the wanderlust of the seasoned traveler to a first time, giving enough information to plan a road trip which includes stay, places of interest, places to eat, clean toilets and much more on the way. We are not talking about destinations, but getting you there and making the journey count.

Road trips are back!

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