Wonders of India you should explore on a road trip

by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Wonders of India

There are Seven Wonders of the World, and then there are seven wonders of India. India, without a doubt, is the land of great heritage and culture. And hence, for those who wish to travel, there is a lot that one can explore.

Being a country that boasts of diversity, there is more than just food, culture and its people. The wonders of India, therefore, are just an addition to its diversity and incredibility. On one side there is the Taj Mahal, and on the other, there is the Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as The Golden Temple. The wonders of India are indeed not just marvelous structures but also peace for the soul.

We list down for you, the seven wonders of India that you must add on to your bucket list of trips. After all, a trip to Goa isn’t all that India is about!

Here are the seven wonders of India

1. The Taj Mahal, Agra

must visit Taj Mahal

Built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, this wonder of India is a cry for love. If recalled, the Taj Mahal has in fact been the ultimate symbol of love since time immemorial. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal is an excellent example of Indian architecture.

Taj Mahal makes for an easy trip by road, as Agra is well connected to various cities.

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2. Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple, Punjab

must visit Golden Temple


The Golden Temple is indeed a Wonder of India. No place in the country that would calm your soul and up your spirits the way this shrine of the Sikhs would. One of the most religious places in the world, the temple has sections of the Holy Granth Sahib embossed on it. Also, there is the copper dome, the shining marble floors and of course, the gold plating.

One might not want to miss out on the Guru Ka Langar because it is lip-smacking. Other things to do include a visit to the Central Sikh museum and of course, some soul-stirring time by the Amrit Sarovar.

Multiple cities help access Punjab and the state is a comfortable ride from Delhi, Shimla, and Jammu.

3. Hampi, Karnataka

must visit Hampi

A rich kingdom of Vijaynagar once, Hampi has now reduced to mere ruins but the architectural beauty is captivating. With the hills and rivers in the backdrop, a trip to Hampi is one to die for. With various temples and the Archaeological museum to visit by, it is a charming site. UNESCO has recognized Hampi as a heritage site, a wonder of India truly!

A road trip from Bangalore marks a distance of 343 kilometers via the national highways.

4. Gomateshwara, Karnataka

must visit Gomateshwara

The tallest Monolithic statue in the world, this wonder of India is a 57 feet tall statue of a Jain saint. Dated as early as the 981 AD, this statue is a dedication to God Baahubali. A visit to this place is a peaceful one indeed.

Known for Mahamastakabhisheka festival, which occurs once in 12 years, it becomes a tourist hub. The deity is washed and polished with turmeric, milk, ghee, and saffron during the festival. All of this, to maintain the shine and shimmer of the figurine.

When traveling by road, the driving distance from Bangalore is a total of 144km via the national highway.

5. Konark Sun Temple

must visit Konark Sun Temple

Built by Narasimhadeva I, the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha is an excellent display of artwork and architecture. A site of heritage since the 13th century, it is of grave tourist importance. The temple is a dedication to the Sun god. Built in the form of a massive chariot, carved with 12 pairs of huge wheels, it is made with stones, walls, and pillars, drawn by seven horses. A wonder of India, there are parts of the temple that have now reduced to ruins.

The temple is open for visitors through sunrise into the sunset. The three statues of Sun god where the ray of light falls on dawn, noon and dusk are a treat to watch. Not to forget, the sundial run by horses is yet another great invention one must not miss.

The roadways are well structured and Odisha State Public transport is available from many cities around.

6. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

must visit Khajuraho

Built in 9th Century AD, the Khajuraho is a complex combination of Hindu and Jain temples alike. Located in the Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, the artwork is a sight to behold. With some of the most beautiful sculptures depicting love and romance, it has garnered applause across the world.

It has a series of temples to take a tour of, along with the sound and light show that depicts the rule during the Chandela Dynasty.

Connected to major cities like Delhi and Varanasi by road while Bhopal is situated 370 kilometers away from Khajuraho.

7. Nalanda

must visit Nalanda

Nalanda University is one of the oldest in the world. Not only did the countrymen, but people from all over the world visited the university to get their education. These people include those from China, Tibet, Greece, and many others.

As seen from the ruins today, the university boasts of great architecture. The attractions include museums, monasteries, and temples all arranged in a certain pattern with pathways linking them.

Connected to Patna by major roads, along with both air and railways.

One can’t ever get enough of travel, and in a country which possesses diversity, there is so much to see. We are sure there must be a one or two of them you’ve only heard of and never visited. So, now is the time, our local travel expert will help plan your trip.

It is time to hit the road if travel fascinates you. Mark the beginning of your journey to one of the seven wonders of India! Always a good start!

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mamtha April 27, 2018 - 9:01 pm

Good post. Karnataka has lot of popular tourist places, Hampi is really a spectacular heritage destination that reminds of unforgettable empire that was richest than any other kingdom.

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