Good instincts to have while on a road trip

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Good instincts to have while on a road trip

Post by getravelled » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:57 pm


Chauffeured or Self driven, road trips are one the most exciting, adventurous and explorative way of travel. You are not tied down to destination travelling in a road trip – and that for me is the single most factor that can take me on a road trip anytime or season of the year. Every single bend, corner or the horizon stretching the eye span, offers something to fall in love with a place.

We get the luxury of stopping by that unnamed pond/lake shaded by the bending down coconut trees lining its shores. Or at that deserted house in the middle of the barren, golden yellow landscape, forgotten by its dwellers and time, and see the mirage dancing in the far distance. Or feel the wildlife getting amused by our presence in that trail-less stretch and not the other way round. Road trips offer us something that are more than just excitement, adventure, joy – things beyond exclaim, the unexplainable.

Contrary to popular beliefs, I find that, these road trips don’t require too much of a planning more than just timing your leaves and hitting the roads. But saying that, there are few things that our instincts should be trained to do when we are on a road trip - and few of those from this amateur road tripper are listed below.

AT FUEL STATIONS: To get the most of the road trip, minimize the unavoidable but unwanted stops to the minimum. Make your unavoidable fuel breaks to count more. Check your tire pressure, use the loo, replenish your water bottles, and take stock of the road conditions ahead and other information’s, use the first aid from fuel station if required. Also, it is a better place to have your packed meals on the way than on a roadside stop - because you have a better system of disposal of your waste, availability of wash basins and toilets, and chilled and normal purified water to replenish your stocks. Mind you, these all facilities are our right to use without any binding on us to fuel our tank in that station. If any of these facilities – clean and proper toilet, purified water, free air, first aid, telephone, list of contact numbers of - nearest police station, hospital, ambulance service, doctors, veterinary helpline/hospital etc., are not maintained in the station it should be reported to the concerned authorities. If not for us but for the travelers who might be in a distress and in requirement of it in future.

AT TOLL GATES: Check road conditions ahead. Make emergency contact for anything if you are not in the network zone.

• Pressing the gas pedal don’t take you anywhere closer to where a smart gear shifting instinct can take you to.
• Breaking needs an eye on the back
• Parking sensors are no good if our parking sense is not
• Only human and idiots deserve all the honking, not the wildlife - a little bit of sensibility on the forest roads
• An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind – so does our headlight

PACKING THE BAG: The car’s boot space is your wardrobe. Pack wisely. Carry the daily essentials in a separate bag, and take only the clothes you will be using in the hotel and next day out of your boot into your hotel room. No need to pack, unpack and pottered each day.

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Re: Good instincts to have while on a road trip

Post by yayawar » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:04 pm

Wonderful tips dada!

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