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Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:01 pm
by traveldiaries
A thread to discuss on our planning of Hampta Pass Trek in June 2018

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Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:58 am
by getravelled
Hello Srikanth Dada,

Please find below some options for your prep trek for the EBC

1. Hampta Pass Trek from Manali and Chandratal

If you are a first time trekker then Hampta Pass is the ideal chosen place. The unforgettable high moderate Himalayan adventure. It's situated at an altitude of 14000 feet (4250 meters). Hampta Pass trekking gives an amazing experience of exploring your life with special hues of nature. One gets an incredible view of rock faces, frosty valleys, thick pine forest, open meadows, adrenaline pumping waterway and pleasant as well as adventurous crossing areas. One of the most beautiful things about Hampta Pass Trek is its own valley of flowers. Funneled between two campsites of Chikha and Balu Ka Ghera, is a small yet scenic meadow of Jwara. This is a charming green meadow adorned with flowers in a spellbinding varieties in full bloom. As you cross the multiple rivulets gurgling through these meadows, look out for yellow Marigolds sprouting around their ledges. Hampta pass trek connects two beautiful valley named; Kullu and Lahaul, were one get various Landscapes. Colorful Himalayan birds, species and flowers attract the viewers by their beauty. The scenic landscape, frequently change in weather and atmosphere delights the trekkers and gives a good option of clicking pictures. Climbing on the snow stretch and finding peace with nature with the surroundings of Himalaya. Chandra Tal is the famous Moon Lake in Lahaul and Spiti.

Trek Itineary -
Day 1 - Manali-Prini-Chikka - 6 hours.
This trek starts from Prini village near Manali. This little village has been made famous by former Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who use to stay here in Holidays and has a house here. We start our trek along Hampta Nallah (Water Stream). It rises sharply over the left bank of the stream and takes us along a dense forest, and several river stream crossings before we reach a potato field and to a village. After another steep ascent from the village the path levels up and through a long walk in beautiful green pastures, we reach the magnificient camping site of Chikka. We can see the mighty Deo Tibba Peak rising high above infront of us as we camp here. Also nearby there is a very beautiful waterfall. We camp here tonight.

Day 2 - Chikka to Balu ka Ghera-
We trek eight kilometers today to reach our next campside destination balu ka ghera. It's just below Hampta Pass and offers us a scenic view of glaciers and snow laden peaks. There's a lot of boulder hopping we will be doing today.  In the way we will come across several beautiful alpine flowers and meadows as we walk along the river and occasionally get a chance for some adventurous crossings. Balu ka Ghera is layered with sand and dust bought down by the river. Hence the name "Balu" which means Sand. We camp here tonight beside the river enjoying the pristine views.

Day 3 - Balu ka Ghera-Hampta Pass - Sheagoru- (6-8 hours)
Today it will be a steep ascent of 4-5 hours. The trail is along the river lined by yellow flowers. The climb is very steep and Tax you completely. However the top of the pass offers a grand panoramic view of the Snow Clad Pir Panjal Ranges and the Mighty Deo Tibba closeby. Descent on the other side is also very steep and tricky, we can either use an Ice Axe to climb down or sliding down can also be an option. After some Zigzag and a steep descent we come across a valley where Tall Snow Clad mountains will surround us from three sides and an open gulley leads us to our base camp to Sheagoru after a leveled but tiring walk. We camp here tonight beside the river side.

Day 4- Sheagoru-Chatru-Chandratal (4-5 hours)
Today the path will traverse along slippery soil, moraine and loose scree for some time till we reach flat grasslands. We walk here for some time along the nallah flowing from Indrasan Glacier. We have to cross glaciers and water streams a couple of times before we reach Chatru. From here we will see numerous water streams flowing nearby. We will camp alongside one of the stream. Chatru  is a lovely camping site. We will get lovely views of the different mountain rages. The Chandra river flows in full swing right below. If roads are clear and weather conditions are ideal, we can proceed towards Chandra Tal or Moon Lake in Lahaul and Spiti. At an altitude of 4270 Meters approx., mostly surrounded with snow, this deep blue-water lake has a circumference of 2.5 Kilometers. It is the source of the violent Chandra River. Mountain ranges having snow capped peaks and snow slopes around the valley measures from 3000 Meters to 6500 Meters approximately. The name of the lake originates from its crescent shape. It's a beautiful camping site.

You can return to Manali on this day if you have time constraints.

Day 5- Chandratal-Manali
We will proceed back towards Manali with a trip filled with much happiness and memories.

Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:05 am
by getravelled
2. Trek to Kareri Village and Lake

Kareri village is about 4 hrs walk from the last road head of a village called Ghera, from Dharamshala one can drive till Ghera. Niyund is a river/stream flowing from the Kareri lake and the setting of the entire village is quite picturesque. One can explore this entire area and camp next to the wonderful streams, Trek to the lake is approximately 14 kms from here, If short on time one can drive from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj via Shahpur to Nioli village and start the trek to Kareri Lake.

Kareri Village & Lake Trek is by far one of the most popular treks. The Kareri Lake is situated North West of Kareri Village and is at the foot of the Minkiani Pass. Apart from the lake's natural beauty, the trek itself goes through beautiful forests and rural villages and winds up at this lonely temple on the banks of Kareri Lake. This trek is hard in certain places only and is ideal for all ages.

Trek Itinerary

Day 1- Drive from Dharamshala to Ghera Village and Trek to Kareri Village

Early morning we leave for Ghera, Village, which will take upto 2 hrs. After rest and refreshments, we will trek to Kareri Village which will take another few hours. Upon reaching we can either camp at the nice meadow near the stream or check ourselves in the Forest Guest House which is 10 minutes walk from the camping ground or stay at the nearby home stays. Meals and refreshments would be provided along with bonfire.

Day 2: Kareri Village Camp to Lioti (2450m).                   
Duration: 4-5 hrs walk
Our today’s trek begins with a  steep ascent through dense forest along the Liund river to Liyoti.The trail goes along the river which has to be crossed a number of times over some improvised bridges and boulders.  We camp tonight in an open meadow at Lioti

Day 3: Lioti to Kareri Lake(3100m).
Duration: 4 hours
Today’s walk is not a very long walk. Kareri lake is small mountain lake at the base of Minkiani pass. The lake keeps religious significance for the local people who come here on pilgrimage every year. Our tonights camp in an open meadow on the side of the lake with big views of Baleni Pass, Minkiani pass and the valley below.

Day 4- Back to Ghera
Duration-4 Hours
Retrace Back to the trail we came from and reach back to Ghera Village, from there we head back to Mcleodganj on Jeeps, with wonderful memories and awesome pictures of the beautiful lake.

Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:08 am
by getravelled
3. Patalsu Peak Trek

Patalsu Peak is an astounding trek that reaches upto 4200 Meters and boast of scenic beauty and enchanting appeal. It’s an ideal trekking destination in the most sought after region in the Solang Valley near Manali. It rewards promising views and an amazing experience to both beginners and experienced trekkers. The trek starts from moderate gradients from Solang Valley and gradually start offering challenging climbs from our camp 2 in Shagadug. Although a bit difficult in nature, the picturesque panaromic landscapes and compelling beauty visible of snow clad Himalayan Peaks make the endeavor worth giving a try.

Trek Itinerary
Day 1 - Shagadugh– Patalsu Base - Lets get ready to take a hike towards Shagadugh, the base of Patalsu peak which is a fairly easy trek of 6 km. We trek to the village and onward to a clearing in the forest, Shagadugh from where one can witness sweeping views of the various peaks of the Manali valley. We spend some time there and head back to the road head at Solang. From here many great peaks like Friendship, Ladakhi, Rocky Challenger etc are visible from a distance, we will camp here tonight.

Day 2- Shagadugh-Patalsu Peak-Shagadugh - 
Today we will start our trek towards the captivating Patalsu Peak (4200 Meter). The trek will be long and tough and will require some inspiration. As we walk along the conifers and Oaks and ascent higher we will reach a substantial height. The tree line will disappear and exposed rocky and unmarked trail will be left, soaring higher and higher. In 4-5 hours we will be on Patalsu Peak where we will be able to enjoy magnificient views of snowbound peaks of Dhauladhar and Great Himalayan Ranges. After spending some time here and clicking pictures, we will head back to our campsite at Shagadugh.

Day 3- Shagadugh-Solang and back to Manali
We return back to Solang, where our cabs will be waiting to transport you back to Manali with sweet and wonderful memories.

Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:17 am
by getravelled
4. Naggar-Malana over Chandrakhani Pass

Chandrakhani Pass is one of the most beautiful and serene pass, at an altitude of 3660 m located in the Kullu valley. Chandrakhani Pass offers fabulous views of the Deo Tibba peak, Pir Panjal and Parbati range of mountains. The trek is one of the most beautiful treks that introduces the traveler to the remote, hilly cultures of Himachal Pradesh. Legend has that Jamlu (the presiding deity at Malana), opened a basket containing the gods of Kullu at the Chandrakhani Pass and the strong winds blew the gods to their present abodes. Below the Chandarkhani pass of the Kullu valley lies a small cluster of around two hundred stone roof houses constituting a village called Malana. Its inimitable culture and the temple of Jamlu distinguish the village. Malana stands out as an autonomous self-sufficient unit whose inhabitants claim Greek ancestry. Malana is connected to Kullu by three mountain passes - it can be reached from Parbati valley crossing over the 3180 metres rashol pass and via Naggar over the 3600 metres beautiful Chanderkhani pass. For the outsiders, there is a long list of do's and don'ts to be followed in the village. The people are friendly but outsiders are told to keep distance and not to touch anything in the village. Kanashi, the language of Malana, does not resemble any of the dialects spoken in its neighbourhood but seems to be a mixture of Sanskrit and several Tibetan dialects. Two important festivals are celebrated in Malana. One called Badoh Mela is celebrated in august and the other called Fagdi mela in February.

Trek Itinerary
Day 1 - Naggar-Rumsu-Naya Thapru- 2200 Meters (4-6 hours)
Naggar is famous for it's castle, old pagoda temple of Tripura Sundari and Roerich Art Gallery. From the village of Naggar, the trek begins with a gradual ascent upto Rumsu. The path is through forested cover of pine, Deodar, and Chestnut. Climb is steep and tiring until we reach our campsite with plenty of availability of wood and a nearby water stream. We camp here tonight among beautiful green pastures.

Day 2 - Naya Thapru - Chandrakhani Base Camp - (4-6 hours)
It’s a beautiful camping site surrounded by forest with a small patch of grass in between. The entire trek till Chandarkhani Base camp that is almost 6-7 Kms from Rumsu is uphill. Most of it is through the jungle which blocks the view on both sides. There are some open patches in between but most of it is through the dense forest till you reach the base camp. The campsite is  a view to behold, fog filled valley in the front and imposing Chandrakhani on the far right.

Day 3- Chandrakhani Base Camp-Chandrakhani Pass-Malana-(10-12 hours)
Today will be a long and tiring day, so its better to leave early. The climb is not so tiring. The pass offers panaromic view of Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges. However descent is steep and risky and takes very long over loose scree thus exhaust the trekker till we reach the guest house in Malana. We stay here in village guest house and relish tasty food and a good night sleep.

Day 4- Malana-Jari-Manali 
Manala (2652 meters) comprise of two villages about hundred yards apart. The village has peculiar customs and one should not touch village articles and objects as they oppose a fine over touching village articles and famous temple of Jamlu Devta. From here there is a two hours descend across a bridge over river stream and then a steep ascent on a well paved path on Malana-Jari Road. Our Cars will be waiting for you to to transport you back to your hotel in Manali.

Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:23 am
by getravelled
5. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Embark on this exciting journey on a 4 days 3 night trip and get a chance to explore the enduing beauty of the region. Located at an elevation of 4300 meters in the east of Rohtang Pass and can be accessed from Gulaba Village. Get a chance to visit Vashista temple in Manali, famous for it's hot water springs.
The legend is that great sage Rishi Bhrigu used to mediate near the lake and hence its been rendered sacred. The locals believe that's the reason the water never freezes even in winters.Bhrigu Lake trek offers everything what a beginner or experience hiker looks for as the trail goes through virgin forests and lush green meadows and offer breath-taking birds eye view of the surrounding valleys of Kullu, Solang and Rohtang. The nature here is bountiful with her gift of wildlife.There is a neatly carved wooden temple, hot springs, surrounding waterfalls, and choice of cuisines available making it a favorite destination for hikers.

Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Manali - Gulaba - 14 Mod (3250m)
The participants arrive in Manali, after that we drive 23 kms up to the Manali - Rohtang highway to the meadows of Gulab. The views of the upper Manali valley from here are quite spectacular. Today will be spent acclimatizing at 14 Mod, the starting point of the trek.

Day 2: 14 Mod - Ravalikoli (3750m)
On the first day of the trek, the trail toward the lake goes east ward through the dense forest of Deodar and Oak. Trail ascends gradually and will take you above the tree line with fabulous views of the peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Makarba, Shikhar Beh among others. Cross a small stream to reach up to the campsite of Ravalikoli.

Day 3: Ravalikoli - Bhrigu Lake (4300m) - Vashisht Theli (3500m)
The trail initially gradually ascends before a short steep climb to the lake. Early in the season, the path also has snow patches. Take time off at the lake to soak in the 360 degree view. Local customs do not allow for camps to set up at the lake, so after the breathtaking views of the Bhrigu lake you will descend down to the camp at Vashisht Tehli, a gaddi campsite which is almost at treeline.

​Day 4: Vashisht Theli - Vashisht Village (2600m)
The last day of the trek is a steep descent through pine forests and apple orchards into the village of Vashisht that is famous for its hot water springs, ideal for a bath after the trek. The descend offer a great view of the entire Kullu valley. Reach back to Manali by evening.

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:27 am
by getravelled
6. Beas Kund Trek from Manali

Beas Kund, Kullu-Manali Valley’s major attraction, is set against the backdrop of several mountain peaks such as the Shitidhar Peak, Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Ladakhi Peak, Rocky Challenger and others. Along the way to Beas Kund is the Solang Ropeway Point; a skiing spot and Bakerthach a preferred camping site. The Bhrigu lake and Beas Kund Trek in Himachal Pradesh is every adventurer’s paradise. This trek is suitable for both beginners as well as advanced-level trekkers as the slopes are moderately steep yet offer challenging trails every now and then. From Solang Nallah, the route winds through the famous Solang Valley. Solang valley is famous for its ski slopes & Paragliding. On this trek you will see amazing views of lush green meadows, glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks. The trail goes via Dhundi and Bakarthach to enter the Beas Kund glacier, the birthplace of the River Beas. This is an enjoyable and Moderate level trek.

Trek Itineary
Day 1- Manali-Solang Valley  (2500 meters) (3-4 hours)
We reach Solang Valley today and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley. Nearby is the Atal Bihari Mountaineering and Allied Sports Institute's Ski Training Center. We will visit Anjani Mahadev Temple as well which is a few kilometers walk from here. With beautiful views and a 100 feet waterfall falling over a Shiva Linga. The view is breath-taking. We will click pictures and pay our obeisances to a nearby Ashram. We rest and camp here today.

Day 2- Solang Valley- Bakarthach Camp - 3300 meters (4-5 hours)
Way to Bakarthach is a little more steep and tiring as we climb up over stones and moraines as well as cross small rivulets. The last leg is little steep and tiring. Finally we reach our beautiful camp site at Bakarthach which is surrounded from three sides by Majestic Mountain Peaks, On our left would be Hanuman Tibba (5892 meters), Shitidhar Peak (5250 meters) and on our right would be Friendship Peak (5300 meters), Ladakhi Peak (5345 meters) etc. Its an amazingly beautiful panaromic view to satisfy the trekker in you. There some stone shelter and availability of water and wood. We camp here tonight among beautiful stars with bonfire and some music.

Day 3- Bakarthach-Beaskund (3 hours)
Today we climb towards Beas-Kund (3550 meters), It's a little stiff climb and the route is through boulders and rocks in summers & through snow in winters . After a trek of 4-5 hours we will see the beautiful lake of Beas Kund . This lake is believed to be the source of River Beas. Beas kund is also the base camp for summit peaks like Friendship, Ladakhi & Shitidhar. Our today's Camp will be near Beas kund .

Day 4- Beaskund-Dhundhi-Manali (6 hours)
Today we will turn back towards Dhundhi, It's an 8 kilometer easy trek and our Jeeps would be waiting for you at Dhundhi to transport you back to Manali with beautiful memories.

Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:25 pm
by traveldiaries
This is a detailed information of most beautiful treks in Himachal....

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Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:18 pm
by kushal.kumar.uppal
Awesome. Thanks for sharing the information. Good to know about the various treks. Btw any of the mentioned treks conducted by YHAI?

Re: Hampta Pass Trek

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:47 pm
by getravelled
kushal.kumar.uppal wrote:
Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:18 pm
Awesome. Thanks for sharing the information. Good to know about the various treks. Btw any of the mentioned treks conducted by YHAI?
No, none of the mentioned treks