Help! I'm not able to post anything in the Community!! - Updated

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Help! I'm not able to post anything in the Community!! - Updated

Post by yayawar » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:09 pm

Many a times, you might find yourselves in a position whereby you are not able to post anything on the Community. While the Community and the software behind it is nascent, we are making improvements for the seamless functioning of the same. In the meantime, if you face this kind of issue, please read on..

There could be 4 scenarios.

RESOLVED Scenario 1: You have logged on to the ScoutMyTrip Homepage and clicked on the community link. After a while you see that you are logged out and try logging-in from the community. However, the ScoutMyTrip Homepage says that you are already logged in and thereby you can't post anything in the Community.

Cause: This is caused by inactivity on the Community, and so if you have been idle for certain period of time, you are logged out because of session time-out. However, because the ScoutMyTrip Homepage and the Community's session are not yet unified, the main site keeps you logged in.

Remedy: Log out from the ScoutMyTrip Homepage (Profile > Logout). Click on the Community link and ensure that you are logged-out from there as well. Now click on the Login/Sign-In link (either from the Community or ScoutMyTrip Homepage). Provide your credentials and hit the button. You should be in!

RESOLVED Scenario 2: You open up the ScoutMyTrip Homepage and you are already logged in. You click on Community link and there you find the login button, clicking on which takes you to the ScoutMyTrip Homepage where you are still logged in. Hence you can't post anything in the Community.

Cause: As in the Scenario 1. ScoutMyTrip Homepage keeps your session alive even after you have closed your browser, while Community times-out after a certain period of inactivity.

Remedy: As in Scenario 1. Log out from everywhere and then Sign In. If this doesn't works, see scenario 3.

RESOLVED Scenario 3: You have logged on to the ScoutMyTrip Homepage and then clicked the community link, still not able to post anything as the site continuously asks you to log in.

Cause: This could be a result of old data (especially password) somehow retained by the Community software. We have resolved this issue now. Please reset your old password.

Remedy: If you are still facing this kind of issue, please reset your password (Logout > Go to ScoutMyTrip Homepage > Sign-In > Click on Forgot Password link > Input your email address > Hit the button). Sign In once to the main site after you have created your new password and then Logout immediately (Profile > Logout). Sign In again and go to the Community. Things should be working fine now.

RESOLVED Scenario 4: You have clicked on the link received from the community in mail, hitting on the "Post Reply" button asks for login, but you can't login with your credentials.

Cause: This particular form is designated to accept only the Community Username and password, whereas your email address comes are pre-filled and hence you'd not be able to log-on.

Remedy: Input your Community Username and password. If you don't remember your username. Please use the Login link on top-right.

If everything else fails, please drop me a mail @ neeraj[at]scoutmytrip[dot]com