Hire a Scout

Your Online Travel Buddy and Planner

Who is a Scout?

  • An Actual Human Being
  • Local Travel Expert
  • A Virtual Traveler (Connected through our mobile app)

What Scouts do?

  • Make detailed holiday itineraries
  • Assist You Real Time
  • Make you explore like a local
Pricing Explore like the locals with plans made by them!
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Off beat attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Book via concierge
  • SMT Assurance
  • Local Experiences
₹ 1999*
Max up to 05 days
intinerary planned
₹ 3599*
Max up to 10 days
intinerary planned
₹ 4999*
Max up to 15 days
intinerary planned
Free Destination Advice

Talk to our in-house advisors, listen to podcasts, read blogs and get inspired to travel!

What is SMT Assurance?
  • Complete and detailed itinerary
  • No hidden costs
  • Emergency help where possible on the route (Extra charges might be incurred)
  • Suggested places and trip essentials marked along the route
  • Vehicle Advice and Recommendations
  • Remote assistance during the trip
  • Navigable route map

How it Works

Talk to our Advisors (App / WhatsApp / Call / Email) . Our advisors will recommend places, days and a basic plan.
Buy a Scout plan suited for your travel days. Get paired with a Scout within 12 hours.
Get a custom trip plan and travel stress free. Get real time help during the trip

Customer Testimonials

Esther - Malaysia

Road trippers know that a road trip is not just about arriving at the destination but also the big and little moments. ScoutMyTrip helped me achieve this and the team virtually assisted my friend Mary and i throughout our trip. It was an unforgettable experience and a road trip we will always cherish

Ramchander Masti - India

The itinerary was perfect and it was implemented well. The Manager / Driver / the Scout were all warm and hospitable. We want to appreciate and thank team ScoutMyTrip who work hard and make the vacation a success and pleasurable. We are happy to have chosen ScoutMyTrip and we highly recommend it to all.

Shakti Sarangi - India

ScoutMyTrip organised a trip through some of the beautiful places in Himachal which are not part of the regular itinerary. They picked places, curated to meet our travel needs and they were absolutely outstanding in their support. I highly recommend ScoutMyTrip to everyone who loves road trips.

Urvashi Marda - Singapore

We reached out to ScoutMyTrip to help curate a customised plan for my bestie and I, to go explore Ranthambore's majestic tigers. The team prepared a perfect itinerary for us which was flexible to suit our needs. If you are looking to try something new and need help, we would highly recommend this team!

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