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Why become a Scout
1 Access to customer pool all over India
2 SMT concierge will work with you to curate trips
3 Any individual can sit at home and make money
4 Agencies can grow their clientele
5 Monetize your expertise
6 Be part of iconic drive and campaigns of ScoutMyTrip
How to Apply to become a Scout on ScoutMyTrip?
1 Complete your profile
2 Select "Apply to become Scout"
3 Fill in all the details
4 Wait for our call!

How can you earn?

  • Earn on making itineraries

    Build relevant and useful itineraries to help travelers

  • Bundle other services & sell

    Work with our existing partners or others to build itineraries

Do you have it in you? Are you...

  • An experienced traveler

    You need to have fair knowledge about the places you've visited

  • Willing to help on trips

    With customized itineraries, help them have a good trip

  • Ready to go the extra mile

    Eagerness to do things differently to ensure an enjoyable experience