Scout My Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

ScoutMyTrip is a DIY (do it yourself) road trip planner.

Signing up has its benefits. One - you can save and share your trips. Two- your profile information is used to give you the best recommendations and connect you with fellow travelers. We've made the sign up process as simple as possible. So with a valid email ID anyone is in, or just use one of the social networks.

Yes, ScoutMyTrip is a completely free service to use. We do not intend on charging a traveler for planning a road trip.

We can't but we're trying to with not so deep pockets.

To begin with. There is destination travel and then there are journeys. We're all about the journey; and something a flight, a train or a bus can never give you, freedom to chart your path. To begin with, we are optimized for motor vehicles but we will get into cycling tracks and treks.

Yes, and no. You can use our various services such as book hotels from our site, or get an outstation cab or even call a driver. For these you pay the third party partner directly. But you can call us on the numbers mentioned on the Contact Us page and we will help you use the platform better.

Call us immediately on the numbers listed here: Contact Us. We will guide you as best as we can. Sorry, we cannot afford a toll free number at this point but we will get there eventually.

No. But we will be partnering with service providers who will.

Absolutely not. We have a backend commission structure with our partners and there is no markup involved.

You can help us in many ways. For one, we would want to make the system better with more information. We will be creating newer systems where a traveler can add more information to the system and make it more useful for everyone. You could also sign up with us as an expert who helps other travelers voluntarily. This is usually very involving and we will have a quick chat with you before we put you up there.

If there are glaring omissions from ScoutMyTrip, Contact Us directly and we will ensure that the additions are made as soon as humanly possible.

Yes. If you want to join us, send us an email to with links to your social media accounts. If we feel you're up for it, we will get into further due diligence. We're not a traditional employer and we don't like CVs. But we will ask for a lot of references.

We're sorry you're facing abuse on ScoutMyTrip. It's not meant to happen. We'd like you to quickly read our "Terms of Use". Once you're done send us an email on and we will get back to you on priority. Unfortunately, abuse reports also tend to get into the legal world so we would require to send us an email instead of a phone call, hence documented.

Use the coordinates on the Contact Us page and do so immediately! We know there will always be a scope to improve and your help will get us closer to our destination, we'll even buy the beer!