5 Adventurous Road Trips Overseas That You Must Explore

Who does not love a good road trip? The thrill of the open road, soaking in the glorious sunrises and sunsets and starting and stopping wherever and whenever you want – the kind of freedom one yearns for! With about 64 million kilometers of roads worldwide to cover in one lifetime, the time to throttle up and starting marking the road is now. So here’s to sea, sun, sand and good vibes, we curate a list of top five road trips  that will guarantee your adventure overseas:

1. Route 66, USA

This route can be hailed as the Mecca of road trips! Route 66 has a perfect balance of stunning landscapes, feel of the small town America and quirky roadside diners. This overland road trip opens a window to the past. Route 66 takes you through a journey across eight states with a stretch of two thousand plus miles. While you are cruising this stretch, you will witness the ever-changing landscape. Ranging from abandoned towns to interesting museums to natural landscapes, it has it all!

This entire route between Chicago to Los Angeles certifies you two weeks of hardcore adventure overseas. Look out for the magnificent rock formations in Sedona (Arizona), witness the beat-up and notoriously famous hotels of Tucumcari (New Mexico), and explore the spooky ghost town of Texola (Oklahoma).

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2. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Next in the list of overland road trips is definitely the scenic Great Ocean Road, Australia. This stretch of roughly around 150 miles runs across from Torquay to Warrnambool.  This short road trip overseas is a sure win-win with incredible views of the rainforests, rugged cliffs, and national parks. The entire stretch can be completed in a day but you can cover it at a leisurely pace by combining it with camping.

The main highlight of this stretch is the Bells Beach which is one of the world’s most famous beaches for surfing. Also, don’t forget to stop and witness the Twelve Apostle rock formation. So if you are in Australia, make this road trip a must do item on your list.

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Image source: wikimedia

3. North Coast 500, Scotland

Third on our list of adventure overseas are some of the most scenic views in the northern hemisphere. Route North Coast 500 (NC500) passes through jagged and remote parts of Scotland. The route is surely one of the best road trips in the world and showcases Scotland’s coastline dotted with medieval castles, lochs, and glens.

The NC500 route is a stretch of roughly 500 miles and takes about three to six days depending on the pace and number of stops you intend to take during the drive. The drive through Glencoe to the Isle of Skye – there’s definitely no shortage of scenic places to enjoy in this overland road trip. The best places to visit along the route are Rogie Falls (a 30-minute drive from Inverness), the picturesque town of Ullapool, and the rocky beach in Cape Wrath.


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4. The Ring Road, Iceland

Ever dreamt of driving through the whole stretch of a country? Well, if you are a real daredevil then you can fulfill this dream of yours on the Ring Road in Iceland. This overland road trip spans the entire circumference of the island. Iceland is a country, still preserved in its natural habitat and you can witness Mother Nature at her best. From mammoth glacial lagoons to sparkling waterfalls, this road trip adventure overseas offers you all. You can even hire a camper van and get ready for the adventure of your life!

You can start at the country’s capital of Reykjavik, covering the entire country in a clockwise direction. This stretch of approximately 800 miles takes at least a week to complete the whole route. Must-stops include the Jokusarlon glacial lagoon, the Skogafoss waterfall and geothermal activity in Hverageroi.

5. The Garden Route, South Africa

Number five on our list of adventure overseas is the Garden Route in South Africa. This route of around 500 miles hugs the coast on Africa’s southern tip. The route runs from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth all the while alternating between sandy beaches, lush mountains, and vineyards.

This entire route takes about three to four days and stopping at a few vineyards along the way is an absolute need of the hour. While on this route, do not forget to stop off at Addo Elephant National Park, enjoy the incredible scenery at Tsitsikamma and explore the 20 million-year-old Cango Caves. You can also visit at least one vineyard to sample some of the region’s finest wine.

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Well, with this list of adventure overseas, most of you must be ‘wanderlusting and itching to start exploring these routes. While on an overland road trip do remember to plan ahead and especially plan for detours. Also, make it a point to learn the rules of the road of the specific country you are driving in. The driving rules are different for each country and sometimes for each state too. Consider the interests of the people you are traveling with and drive within the specified speed limit. On this note, let’s get our passports out and get going. If you need help with planning a trip to any of these places, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. We will surely help you with all we can and take you #AageSeRight.

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