5 Ways Travel Helps You Perform Better at Work

by Myra Naik
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Traveling is a passion, a hobby, an escape, a way to find yourself, and so much more to so many travelers. Travel is so many different things for different people, and it benefits our lives in innumerable ways. However, travel also contributes a lot to work life balance. When you come back from an exhilarating trip, you tend to feel more fulfilled. This contributes greatly to your peace of mind, allowing you to better focus on your work. When your company plans team travel for employees, it gives you an opportunity for all this and more. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! So let’s talk about work life balance – travel style; shall we?

So how exactly does traveling give you great work life balance?

1. It helps you recharge yourself

Traveling, in all its various forms and types, all lead to the same result – a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled time. It is always a good idea to take time off work and refresh yourself. Travel is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries and come back energized. When you take time off to travel, you are actually doing yourself and your company a huge favor. You are focusing on your mental health, which is supremely important – both for yourself, your work life balance, and for the quality of your work.

When your company or you make the effort to take a team on a trip, it is acknowledging one’s value and importance to the company. They’re letting you know they’d like it if you took the time to treat yourself. Actually, they’re going one step further and treating you!

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2. It improves team morale

It is always a good idea for work teams to go on trips together. Many companies nowadays choose to sponsor trips for their employees that include a lot of fun activity options. They know it’s important to keep employee morale high. So they try to ensure that their work life balance is maintained. If employees are happy, they’re naturally going to do a better job. It is in the best interests of the company as well as employees to encourage this.

Team travel opportunities are a wonderful way to make employees feel appreciated and respected. Companies offering such perks will see that it really does build trust, loyalty and goodwill.

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work life balance team travel

3. Leads to team bonding by team travel

An added benefit is that traveling with your coworkers is a great way to connect with them. Outside an office setting, people tend to be more free and relaxed, leading to a new experience for all involved. In this casual setting, you will find new ways to bond with coworkers and maybe new things to bond about too!

Planning group activities during a company vacation will help accelerate team bonding and will help employees create wonderful memories with each other, and they’ll certainly look back on – and often talk about! – these vacations for the rest of the year.

In fact road trips have known to show the most amount of bonding purely by inculcating a sense of adventure. There are also many variables on a road trip, which really makes the team come together to solve problems. Here are some highways for you to consider in India.

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4. You can discover new sides to your coworkers

A relaxed setting works wonders not just for bonding, but also for getting to know them on a more personal level. It is very likely you will end up talking to a colleague about things that aren’t work related, but still something you both enjoy. This will invariably spill over into the way you communicate when you’re back to work.

Having formed a better relationship while on a relaxing trip, you will end up being more comfortable and open with your colleagues once you’re back at work. This kind of open communication will lead to better work output as well because you won’t hesitate to reach out or wonder what your teammate is thinking. This saves a lot of grief and helps people stay happy due to increased transparency in communication, which, once again, leads to a healthier work life balance.

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5. An overall feeling of satisfaction

During any sort of vacation, you will feel happy and relaxed. When it’s a company trip, though, you will feel a different kind of satisfaction. You know your company cares about you and wants to see you happy, healthy and relaxed. Bonding with colleagues in a stress free environment with no deadlines – don’t that sound wonderful?

A company trip can be just as good as a personal trip, and in some cases even better! It’s hard to describe the feeling of fulfillment you have on knowing you’re a valuable member of the team. If you’ve been for any team travel opportunities, you know what we mean. You’ll be riding the happiness high for weeks after the fact.

The funny thing about traveling in a group is also that, it is cost effective. Working with a known travel company like ScoutMyTrip can give a huge benefit on cost – from stay, travel, experience and activities.

work life balance team travel

What are your favorite work trip memories? Do you have any examples of a trip that made you see your coworkers in a different light? Did it change how you feel about your workplace? Do share them with us in the comments below. We’d love to know if there are other benefits to team travel! If you want us to help create a wonderful journey for you, do leave a comment in the section below!

Are you planning to take your team out for a team outbound? Hope this post about work life balance inspired you enough to get in touch with us! Check out more about our work in helping corporates and startups; make sense of team outings. Get in touch!

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5 Amazing Ways Travel Helps You Perform Better at Work
Travel contributes a lot to work life balance. A good trip or team travel greatly increases your peace of mind, allowing you to better focus on work.
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