Why is Road Trip The New Way of Travel- Come Find Out!

by Shalini Mimani

‘Travel by road’ – is it the new way to travel?

We say yeah!

Today, we are in an age where we pursue almost everything in haste and just hurry past it. We do not take the time to just sit, breathe and take it all in.

We prefer darting from one country to another country on a cramped airline with no leg space rather than indulging in a road trip to places. The main culprit – hurry to do it all!

In fact, we see no other way to travel than by way of airplanes. But if you have a car or you can rent one then we will show you why travel by road is the new way of travel.

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travel by road

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1. You get the real essence of the place

A road trip to places allows you to get on the highway and explore places at your will. You can stop in the middle of nowhere for as long as your heart desires. You have the liberty to make on the spot decisions on your route. More often than not you will come across mesmerising views which you would never have seen had you not had a car.

Travel by road gives you the actual essence of a place by allowing you to mix with the local folks and get a flavor of their culture. You are free to gaze and be awe-struck with the natural wonders on your way. Winding through countryside road is a great way to rewind and even explore farmers’ markets, local festivals, and state parks.

travel by road

2. You are your own boss

Travel by plane or group tours ties you with a (hectic) schedule. Travel by road gives you the freedom to chart your own route at your own pace. However, it is advisable that you should at least plan on a rough route and then be flexible enough to change it to suit your whims.

Long story short, you are in control of your arrival and departure time, itinerary and everything else that comes along the way. Forget stressing over train schedules or airline routes as you plan your road trip to places. See something that catches on your fancy, stop and take a good look.

3. You don’t have to worry about luggage allowance

Can’t seem to restrict your luggage to that measly 15 kg allowance? Thank heavens, travel by road to the rescue!

Haven’t been able to find the time to pack for your travel? Worry not! Just throw in everything in the car and get going.

It is absolutely blissful and liberating to be able to pack anything and everything under the roof without the fear of having to pay for extra luggage or having to lug it through at platforms. You are even free to buy gifts and souvenirs from all those places that you travel by road.

Complete freedom, right? In fact an absolutely delightful thought for people who travel with literally ‘everything’ and probably bring back something extra.

travel by road

Image source: Wikimedia

4. You can save money

Factor in for the wear and tear on your car and the fuel cost, road trip to places is still the cheapest way to travel around cities. If you are a group of 4-6 people traveling together, the costs come down even more. More often than not, a road trip by four people is usually less expensive than four round-trip airplane or train tickets. You can very well budget your road trip.

travel by road

5. You have a back-up plan

Ever been stranded in a strange land with nowhere to go because the hotel messed up your bookings big time? Well, you can scout around in your vehicle till you find the right option. You also have the option to explore nearby hotels even in the dead of the night. Worst case scenario, you can at least spend the night in the safety of your car. All you need to do is find a safe spot and just park yourself there!

6. Comparatively environment-friendly

Every time you travel by plane, you contribute to the ever-increasing carbon footprint. If you are even a tad level environment-friendly, then a road trip to places is the way for you. Of course, travel by road contributes its share of pollution too but way lower than the jumbo jet.

Having said that, do we mean that travel by road is the best way to travel?

Well, of course not.

It has its own share of troubles and shortcomings. What’s more, a road trip is just not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Driving takes a much longer time as compared to train or air travel.
  • Searching for a parking space, especially in big cities can be a pain sometimes and even cost you a lot in terms of parking fees.
  • Sometimes unsupportive weather and unforeseen natural calamities can ruin your plan altogether and leave you stranded in the middle of absolutely nowhere.
  • Sometimes travel by road costs you way more than a round trip plane ticket.

Bottom line: consider your mood and preference of travel mode before every journey. Consider your time schedule and of the people traveling with you. Finally, work out your budget and itinerary and go with the mode that suits your needs best.

On this note, go ahead and get started with a place nearby. Fill your car with all that you might possibly need and get going. If you need help with planning a trip to any of these places, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. We will help you #MarkAndEmbark on a journey of a lifetime.

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