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Ladakh, is rightly called one of the most beautiful places in India. While the city does have some amazing picturesque beauty, it has equally serene and captivating lakes. Lakes in Ladakh (called Tso) are one of the most attractive tourist destinations, you could chill there, or indulge in some camping.

When by the lake in Ladakh, you have the blue skies, snow-capped mountains and the clear blue waters, which we are sure is a breathtaking sight. Sounds exciting enough, right? So, if you’re planning your next trip to Ladakh, then you must know the lakes in Ladakh to visit by. There’s so much the place has to explore, but only a few of them make it to the listings online.

Pangong and Moriri lake are two of the most famous and make their way into practically every listing. But, there’s never enough that one can get of a place like Ladakh, so why miss out on the rather less crowded places!

The lakes in Ladakh give you an experience that will stay in your heart and touch your soul. Photograph the sun over the clear waters, and enjoy yourself in the calm. Let in a moment of peace, and scroll through as we list for you the must-visit Lakes in Ladakh.

7 Lakes in Ladakh

1. Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso lake Ladakh

To understand the beauty of Pangong Tso, you must visit this place. The lake has its waters extending both in India as well as China.

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While camping and star gazing are two things that one must definitely not miss out on, if you like to explore a little and get closer to nature, you must have a look at the marmots, squirrel-like animals found only in the mountain area. If coming from Leh, you’ll come across a signboard that will ask you to stop by if you want to look at them.

One of the most interesting facts about Pangong Tso is that even though it contains saline water, it completely freezes in winters. It is among the highest brackish water lakes in the world. But owing to this saline water, the lake has low micro-vegetation.

You will need an inner line permit to visit this place. Pangong is close to the borders of the foreign land and hence the ILP. Not a very cumbersome task, you can fill the form online and make the payment at TIC Office, Opposite J&K Bank, Main Market, Leh.

2. Yarab Tso

Talk about the Lakes of Ladakh, and Yarab Tso shall always be amongst the top 3. The place is serenity and beauty personified. Primarily surrounded by mountain cliffs, the lake is a 20 min hike from the Panamik Village. Yarab Tso is considered to be holy in nature and is also one of the high altitude lakes in Ladakh. A visit to the lake might also enable you to take on a road trip through the rocky terrains!


3. Tso Moriri

Explore Tso Moriri

One of the largest lakes in the Ladakh region, the Moriri lake is located at an altitude of 15,075 feet. Tsomoriri has been declared as a Wetland of International importance under Ramsar convention back in 2003. Home to flora and fauna, the lake is fed by two streams.

Korzok is a village located adjacent to Tsomoriri and attracts a number of tourists, courtesy, the Buddhist monasteries. Since the lake is a result of snow melt-off, it is accessible during summers only. The surroundings enable visitors to enjoy the gush of fresh air and picturesque beauty.

One needs to have an ILP to visit this place; foreigners, however, are not allowed beyond Pangong Tso. Take to a jeep safari or rent a car/bike to visit the Tsomoriri.

4. Tso Kar

Lakes of Ladakh are in itself a beauty one must devour, you’d agree when you see them. Not to mention, if there is some solitude that one can find by the clear skies and the saline waters it is bliss. Not very popular amongst the so many Lakes of Ladakh, Tso Kar lake forms a saline crust, the growth of weeds and other lake plants and hence less visited.

If you are a fan of Lakes and want to explore Ladakh more than what is mentioned in the itineraries, then Tso Kar is a must visit. On the west banks of the lake, one will also find a place to camp by the nights and indulge in some star gazing.

While Indians do not require any permit, others need to get an ILP for their visit to Tso Kar. The gala festival is one of the best time to visit this place as it displays the local food and culture attracting people from all around the world.

5. Mirpal Tso

We’ve established that Ladakh is abundant in lakes and Mirpal Tso is on our list too. This one like the Yarab Tso is got little or no tourists to speak off and its the perfect place for some peace and quiet. This lake is in Chushul sector for which special permissions are required. This sector comes between Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri and is known to have both sandy shores and fresh waters. Isn’t that amazing!

6. Chagar Tso

This lake is on the route to Pangong Tso. The Chagar Tso is one of the many small lakes in Ladakh which are again missed because the aura around Pangong Tso is too overpowering. Chagar Tso is replenished by the glaciers surrounding it. Can you believe that this lake has few tourists to speak off? But why are we complaining!

This spot makes for a good stop over on the way to Pangong Tso, especially if you’re carrying a flask of tea with you. It might also not be a bad idea to take out the portable kettle and make some Maggi here! 

Lakes in Ladakh Chagar Tso

7. Kiagar Tso

This lake comes off the Manali-Leh route when taking the road leading to Tso Moriri. This is easy to miss, and comes in the Rupshu Valley in the region. At a height of nearly 4000 meters, this lake is a sight to behold if you can catch a herd a sheep grazing by. The landscape surrounding the lake is magical with mountains all around and the water will literally talk to you. Since the water is saline, it is also considered an oasis in a desert.

We recommend a stop over at this lake to anyone going to Ladakh.

Rather less visited amongst the lakes of Ladakh, the locales are an eternal bliss. Right from the snow-capped mountains to the very basic view of this place, it is nothing short of an exploration. But if Ladakh is not your cup of tea, you could always check some other places in Jammu and Kashmir to visit!

So which one of these lakes in Ladakh are you visiting on your trip? After all, lakes are to Ladakh what beaches are to Goa!

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