7 Tips To Plan The Perfect Road Trip With Family

by Arjun Dikshit
road trip with family

Road trips are an exciting way to travel with family and save a fortune on flights. However, the thought of travelling with toddlers or kids can be overwhelming and the trip may end up giving you a headache instead of being enjoyable. Let’s face it, long hours on the roads make your kids behave cranky, but at the same time, you don’t want your life to be on hold while raising your toddlers or growing kids.  So, how can you cherish your time together and share your passion for adventure and travel with the little ones? In order to make your road trip with family successful, take time to prepare for the unexpected with these simple tips.

Tips for your next road trip with family

Vehicle preparation

road trip with family

Before you plan a long trip in that vehicle don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your automotive service technician. Check the tires, air conditioner, wiper blades and do keep the stepney tools with an extra tire. Your car should be in the best possible condition to prevent any breakdowns. If your car has a convertible seat, it will be great when you travel with kids. Also, carry other emergency supplies which you may need in case you face any issues while on a road trip with family.
Also keep a small first aid kit, cozy blankets for cold weather, USB plugs, portable charger, and paper maps because weak signals may not allow you to access the internet at some places. You can be creative with the list here so your car is in a perfect condition allowing you to travel in peace.

Know the place well where you go

It is easy to tell your kids about where you are going. Younger kids can understand the proximity of destination and it will help them be inquisitive to know more about the places. Share some good things about the place which attracts kids so they can understand they are going to experience fun. It will keep them excited and happy. Learn about the place with your kids to know where you going so you can prepare the list of musts on your vacation.

Filling a backpack

backpack for road trip

Work with your kids when it comes to filling a backpack, but for toddlers, you need to decide on your own. Here we will share tips for both. Fill the backpack with travel games, crayons, books, favorite snacks, etc. for kids and make sure the kids can access these items on their own. The items should be well placed.
Checklist for toddlers: Keep diapers, diaper bags, plastic bags, blankets, small bottles for toiletries, his or her favorite toys, bathing suit (you never know when you may need it), portable crib, snacks, etc.
Don’t fill the backpack to top as you will have to carry it and finding things can be difficult. You can keep an additional bag for things you need while you are on a road trip with family, but then there can be secondary things which you may or may not need like shorts, extra t-shirts, shoes, etc. These items you can place in the backpack at the top.

Snacks and baby food

food for travel

If you are travelling with a toddler then pack as much baby food as possible. Keep variety. Carry snacks for older kids. You can also help your family eat healthier on the road. Carry durable fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, strawberries, carrots, apples, oranges. You can also keep biscuits, chips, homemade healthy snacks, etc. Don’t forget to carry liquids. You can keep ice cold water for the ride during the summer season. Do keep enough water, juice and other drinks which can keep everyone hydrated.

Download apps and make place for things that encourage car friendly activities

Trip Planner

There are many apps available to make your road trip with family successful and easier. Pack lighter and you can leave the travel books at home if you can read them via apps. Download apps which also intimate you about the traffic, showcase best spots for eating and relaxing and also state about the spots where you can stop and fill petrol. Download apps for watching favorite movies and playing interesting games. Those items which can keep your kids busy should be in reach. Crafts, journals, card games, comic books are some quiet activities which can keep your kids busy. Also, play the best music which your kids love to make your travel time enjoyable.

Stop at places which are a must visit for kids

Kid Friendly

You can plan a road trip with family to a destination where you can reach making some halts in between. It can be a water park, waterfall, garden, park, etc. Search about the place to know these stops in between which can interest your kids and it will also give you a break from driving or sitting at one place. This will also give your kids time to stay away from the screen. After these activities, kids get tired and go to sleep which gives you time to drive in complete peace. It is a great way to make your trip rewarding.
Tip: Give cameras to your kids so they can document their own journey and feel interested to know about the place. They can draw pictures of their favorite destinations and ask them to note down the things they did to make an interesting travel journey.

Research about the place where you will be staying

It is always beneficial to research the place where you will be staying. Whether you are staying with family, friends or relatives, renting a house or checking in some hotel room, it is always useful to know where you are staying and things which you can enjoy at the destination. This will allow you to pack properly and keep your kids interested in the destination as well. You will know what things you need to keep in the car keeping the convenience in mind. Get in touch with the hotel authorities where you will be staying to know about the amenities and facilities. Ask about the laundry if you are travelling with kids and toddlers. Know the size of the beds so you can get the right size of bed sheets from home. Know the place well so you can understand how comfortable will it be for you and your kids.

So, these are some of the things which you can take care of while planning a road trip with family. You can always customize the checklist depending on what you desire to do. Also, exercise patience, be flexible and be well prepared so the trip can be enjoyable for all the family members.

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