Kukru – The Crown Jewel of The Satpura Range

by Aparajita Mitra
Satpura range

Quite often you find yourself yearning to get away from it all. Just switch off and spend time in the moment, away from the many worries of life. You would find that Kukru, in the remote corners of the Satpura range, is the one such place.

Usually, road trippers in Madhya Pradesh tend to visit the more common destinations like Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, etc. Situated near the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the magical place of Kukru is the embodiment of simpler times. It is not as popular as the other attractions of the Satpura range, like Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh and Chikaldhara in Maharashtra. However, spend a couple of days in this heavenly retreat and you will leave totally refreshed.

Do you know the mountain god, Satpura, wanted to get married to the river goddess, Narmada? Legend has it that he tried to hug her seven times but she was quite slippery. These seven hugs became the seven folds in the Satpura range. When you stand on a cliff near Kukru, you can count them and almost believe in the folk tale. Actually mystical and tranquil places like these make you believe in all the tales you hear about them.

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Kukru Khamla

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So what can you do in Kukru? You can chill and watch the world go by. Gaze at the stars, watch beautiful sunsets from the edge of a cliff. Go on guided treks through the foothill jungles to experience the best of nature. Or just lose yourself in the heady aroma of the coffee plantations. You can also visit the nearby waterfalls and hilly areas.

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Crown Jewel of Satpuras

One of the best ways to check out this amazing locale is with the Crown Jewel of Satpuras package. This is a customized road trip experience by ScoutMyTrip, facilitated by Meanders India. This is a 3 D/2 N road trip from Bhopal and is the most wonderful way to explore the Satpura range.

You would stay in a Colonial Era property and explore the gorgeous mountains with your local guide. You will also get to spend time in the coffee plantations and watch the most spectacular sunset. On the second day, you can go on a hilly retreat. Visit a breathtaking waterfall and majestic hill fortress.

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The most important thing about this road trip is that it strikes the right balance between visiting popular and unexplored places in the Satpura range. You can find out more about the trip here.

If you are looking for more ideas of road trips near you, find the best options here or just ask a question on the Community forums. Our Scouts would love to help you.

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Kukru - The Crown Jewel of The Satpura Range
Take a road trip to the crown jewel of the Satpura range. Experience life in the lap of nature at Kukru, surrounded by the lush foothills.
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