Dr. Sheetal Maniar – Driven by Strength

by Arjun Dikshit
Driven by Strength - Dr. Sheetal Maniar

Some people never stop adding feathers to their caps, but some people’s caps run out of space to keep more feathers. Dr. Sheetal Maniar is one of them but she still hasn’t stopped earning more of them.

Dr. Sheetal Maniar is a physiotherapist by profession, a PhD in Alternative Medicine, 4th degree Black Belt in Military Martial Arts, an apprentice instructor in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, a fitness instructor for Mumbai Police and many other city police. She has been flying with her feathers on a Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500 and a Yamaha R15 for the last 3 years now and has already got 2 coveted titles to her credit – the Long Distance Riders (LDR) certification for covering 1,610 kms in 24 hours and the King of the Road LDR certification for riding 2,415 kms in 36 hrs. Lt. Col Sohan Roy even gave her the name – Iron Lady! Read what this inspiration of a woman had to say to our folks at Scout My Trip.

Driven by Strength - Dr. Sheetal Maniar

ScoutMyTrip: A quote or a message for our readers, your fans and women who aspire to travel the lengths you have. 

Dr. Sheetal Maniar: I would say never give up on your dreams, ride on regardless, bash on regardless of any hurdles that come your way. Ride on and see how the birds fly, ride on to see a new view, ride on and leave behind all the things that dam up the inlet of experiences and most importantly, ride on regardless of anything.

ScoutMyTrip: How did it all start? Where did Sheetal and Biking first meet?

Dr. Sheetal Maniar: It was my dream to ride a geared bike since I was in college, so had to make it happen.

Driven by Strength - Dr. Sheetal Maniar

ScoutMyTrip: What were the obstacles faced by you in pursuing this passion?

Dr. Sheetal Maniar: Well, the biggest thing is that I had to wait this long to pursue my dream. Although, I also believe that everything happens at its own sweet time for a reason and that is exactly how it should be, so no complaints.

ScoutMyTrip: How does it feel to be where you are today and what do you see when you look back?  

Dr. Sheetal Maniar:It has been an unbelievable & exhilarating experience with all its ups & downs. Even though sunshine & shadows are a part of the way, I am always ecstatic about this journey called life.

Driven by Strength - Dr. Sheetal Maniar

ScoutMyTrip: How and why did LDR come to your mind? Also, how does it feel to be the First Asian Lady Rider to get the ‘King of the Road’ designation?

Dr. Sheetal Maniar: I have always aimed for the impossible and look forward to breaking the barriers of the mind & body. I have always believed in mind over matter and it undoubtedly feels awesome.

ScoutMyTrip: What message would you like to send out to all the women out there?

Dr. Sheetal Maniar: “If I can, so can you.” Just go out there and do whatever you want, to fulfill your dream, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

You can check out her Facebook Fan Page and stay in touch! Or follow Dr. Sheetal Maniar on Twitter!

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