Join The Trans-Siberian Road Trip by Meenakshi Sai

by Sunaina Aiyappa

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.”– Robin S Sharma.

Meenakshi Sai knew that if she wanted to see places and enjoy travelling, she would need to get it done her way! From doing road trips within the country to going overseas, she managed to strike each of them off her list. Each time, she did it with even more zest and confidence than the previous road trip.

Trans-Siberian Road Trip
Travel is like an addiction; once you learn about the advantages of traveling or road tripping to a place, there’s no looking back. Meenakshi has driven across the United States of America and if there’s any way that you’d like to plan a road trip when you’re there, you know whom to get in touch with. Needless to say, covering several states in a foreign land is by itself an experience one can cherish for a lifetime.
Adding to her expertise in adventures overland, Meenakshi has also done an India-Thailand expedition where she covered 24 countries in 70 days. It doesn’t end there; she solo travelled in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. She is that traveller who clearly defines travel goals of all kinds; be it traveling overseas, solo traveling or doing interstates! Well, this year you can also get to experience her style of traveling and enjoy adventures on this MEGA road trip that she has planned for all you road trippers. The good part is that this time it isn’t an “All Women’s” group and it’ll be more of a mixed group. So if you’re looking to go on a trip that will sort of change your idea about road trips? Then this might just be what you’ve been looking for.

The Trans-Siberian highway

The Trans-Siberian highway is just the informal name given to the highway that runs from St. Peterburg to Vladivostok. There is always active road work that happens in continuity on this highway, sometimes making you take the roads less used; like straight into the woodlands or along the banks of some lake or for that matter hilly terrains too.

The length of the highway is 10,000 kms! Yes, let that sink. The Trans-Siberian road trip consists of the roads Russia, Ural, Irtysh, Siberia, Baikal, Amur, and Ussuri. The surface of each of these roads is of asphalt-concrete, sometimes making it dangerous to drive over. The transition between each of these roads leads to different and changing terrains, which by itself is a drive that you will be able to distinguish and remember.

Let us learn more about the Trans-Siberian road trip led by Meenakshi Sai that’ll give you a better sense of the adventure she’s planned for you.


The Trans-Siberian Road trip by Meenakshi Sai

Nepal Trip
The journey is split into 2 parts:

Leg 1

It takes you from Coimbatore to Beijing (China), crossing Nepal, Everest base camp and Lhasa.
Nepal is on a lot of peoples list, so this seems like the ideal time to visit one of the most scenic and beautiful places. Not just monasteries but the tranquility and vibe of the place is on a different level altogether.

road tripLeg 2

It takes the journey forward from the Trans-Siberian Highway to Vladivostok. The Trans-Siberian Highway is the name for a network of federal highways that span the width of Russia from the Baltic Sea of the Atlantic Ocean to the Japan Sea of the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of the longest roads in the world across some of the toughest environments and terrain around. The road stretches over 11,000 kilometres (6,800 mi) from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.
Each of these legs will take up to 25 days each. Meenakshi is looking for a person who might be interested in driving (male or female) who can accompany her on this road trip expedition. Having said that, if you can’t drive also, it isn’t much of a concern but in her words “What’s a road trip if you can’t drive?“. Well, that’s what we think as well.
Furthermore, Meenakshi Sai is mainly looking for a TRAVELLER and not a TOURIST. The difference being; a traveller is someone who is a keen explorer, ready to take on challenges that the road trip may come with. Weather, varying altitudes, vehicle issues, etc. can be some of the drawbacks. But if you’re ready to road trip like a boss with Meenakshi, then this is the time; it is NOW or NEVER! Ok, it isn’t NEVER but an opportunity like this is knocking at your door and you mustn’t miss it for anything.
Meenakshi is also giving you a choice of which leg of the journey you’d like to join in. The entire road trip is for 50 days and you’re welcome to join right from Coimbatore as well if you please! Meet her halfway or do the whole journey with Meenakshi; you will only cherish this road trip more than any other.
I am also sharing a detailed plan of the trip below, in case you’d like to refer to your day wise pit stops. For more details, please feel free to reach out to us.
View the road trip route here: Trans Siberian Road Trip
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Magiceye June 7, 2019 - 11:41 am

Great! Cost?

Anirban June 9, 2019 - 7:03 am

Hi Meenakshi, I’m anirban writing from Hyd, and I’ll be keen on knowing more details. Btw I did Trans Mongolian (St. Petersburg to Beijing) 1.5 yrs back, and it was magical. Would love to speak. I’m @9848170111. Thnx

Anirban Sanyal June 9, 2019 - 7:05 am

Hi, I meant St. P to Beijing by train, not car. But, ready for car adventure.
Thnx Anirban

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