3 Reasons You Must Invest in a Baby Car Seat Now!

by Shalini Mimani

Parental instincts kick in even before your baby is born. Keeping the child safe is the only priority for new parents. Right from before the birth of the newborn, till birth, parents do everything and anything in their power to protect the child. But what about once the child is born? What about the first ride home? Well, investing in a baby car seat even before the baby is born is the best decision any new parents can make.

Yes, the concept of a baby car seat is still alien in our country. Moreover, even if you decide to invest in one, finding a good car seat is overwhelming. With all the options and features available in multiple brands today, how do you pick the one that is best suited for your child? How do you zero down on a baby car seat that will ensure your baby’s safety for the months and years to come?

But let’s leave that discussion for some other time. For now, let us familiarise you with 3 reasons why you must invest in a car seat now.


1. It keeps your child safe

baby car seat

As per general international rules, a child needs to be put in a rear-facing baby car seat till the baby is within the weight limit of 5-50 pounds. Alternatively, the child needs to be placed in a rear-facing seat until he or she is 49 inches tall or less. When either the weight or the height limit is surpassed by the child, the child is supposed to be seated front-facing.

However, the rear-facing baby car seat is the safest option available for your child. A child seated in a rear-facing baby car seat is better supported by the hard shell of the seat in an event of a crash or a collision. The hard shell protects their head, neck, and spine from major injuries.

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2. Air-bags are not for children

Airbags are a boon for adults in particular and one of the most essential road safety tools. However, when on a road trip with kids, the same airbags might become your enemy. Airbags inflate in less than 1/20th of a second at an average speed of 200 miles per hour. An average adult body can take in such an impact and survive the crash.

However, such a great impact can be crushing for a child. This force is enough to decapitate a child, or worse, even kill the child. Further, children tend to wiggle and may even scoot up in the car seat. An airbag, in such a case, would not have a chance of full inflation before reaching the child. In any case, airbags are more a hazard than road safety equipment for a child.

baby car seat

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3. All-round protection

baby car seat

Imagine a road trip with kids where you have been abiding with all the road safety measures. Nevertheless, another car that was driving recklessly bangs against your car in a T-Bone collision. These collisions are one of the most fatal collisions as there is not much protection available in a car.

A baby car seat is a true savior in such events. These seats come with side impact protection system and hence protect your child. Further, the multi-point harness ensures that your child is neither overthrown nor side thrown.

Now that we are well acquainted with the benefits of choosing a baby car seat to ensure total road safety, let us help you with a few tips to help you choose the right seat for your child.

  • Scout your car before you purchase a baby car seat. Be sure the get the dimensions correct to ensure that the seat is not too big for your car.
  • Pick a convertible car seat that will grow with your child. This will not only help you save money but also be environment-friendly.
  • Focus on the quality, padding and other features of the car seat. Remember, an expensive product is not always the best product.

While it may still not be mandatory in our country as a road safety rule to install a baby car seat. However, you are doing yourself and your child a big favor by installing one. Car accidents are one of the primary reasons for death among children. It is always wiser to invest in a car seat and enjoy the road trip with kids in peace.

We truly hope this article helped you. If you need any assistance or want to discuss this topic in-depth, feel free to hit us up on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. We will surely help you with all we can and ensure that we give you an experience of the ultimate road trip with kids and take you #AageSeRight.

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