21 Features On The Hottest New Camper Van in India!

by Vineet

One of the most feature rich camper vans in India is now here! Built completely on the Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4×4 platform; this camper van has everything one would need to spend a lifetime on the road! RVs, camper vans, or camper van for hire in India are relatively new but there is a growing excitement amongst the young and adventure hungry folks who are looking for such experiences on the road.

Incidentally, this camper van took our team 3 years to complete with all the fabrication and it’s nothing less than being state of the art!

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

Camper Van in India made on Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4×4

We heard you; and built a camper van just for the adventure junkie in you! Let’s check out what we packed into the ScoutMyTrip camper van that we fondly call Buddy! 

Camper Van Feature 1: Built on the sturdy Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4×4

Powered by the legendary mHAWK Diesel Engine; this power house belts out beastly power for getting anywhere in India. It is also a 4WD which makes a quick job of bad roads, sticky situations and you won’t think twice before venturing towards the waterfall, or top of the hill to camp for the night. It goes anywhere and everywhere; just like our road trip planner – anywhere to anywhere in India! And since there is so much customization that has gone into the camper van, it comes with a driver who also doubles up as your personal butler.

Camper Van in India

The ScoutMyTrip Camper Van is powered by Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4×4



Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

Can be booked exclusively on ScoutMyTrip. Scroll down for more details

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4×4

Camper Van Feature 2: It’s got its own kitchen!

A two gas burner with 10 kg of LPG fitted into the camper van makes it an experience to cook out in the open! Not just that, we have filled the camper van with all the cutlery that you will need for the perfect camping experience! This is facing outwards, and there are outlets for complete safety.  Our butler will even cook for you; don’t forget to ask him to make his special mutton curry!

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Camper Van in India

Camper Van with its own kitchen


Camper Van in India

It has its own LPG supply for cooking

3. A fully functional bathroom and toilet

A western commode with a jet spray and a shower make it a class apart. Also, you don’t have to worry about sanitation either as they are cleaned from time to time.

Camper Van in India

A western commode with jet spray


Camper Van in India

Hygienic washing basin


Camper Van in India

A shower

4. It’s own water treatment plant

So what happens to the sewage? We have an eco-friendly solution for this instead of dirtying the country side. It is collected in a tank and and treated with a chemical which turns it into manure – overnight! This can be dumped on any green location; where plants or trees will find it very useful!

Camper Van in India with its own kitchen

Camper Van at its back has the water treatment

5. Has its own hot water geyser

The 2 liter hot water geyser ensures a great bathing experience! Runs like any other geyser and wait times are as low as 5 minutes!

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6. Can seat five people comfortably (including driver)

With two seats in the front; and one reserved for the driver; four can sit in pilot seats at the back. The seats can be fully reclined and come with seat belts. So along with comfort, we ensure safety too!

Camper Van in India

Plush leatherette interiors


Camper Van in India

7. Has a master bed with a sun roof!

This is comfortable for a family of two and if you’re traveling with a kid. There’s ample room for the 2+1 combination. The sunroof is everything you need. Look into the stars as you doze off to sleep and wake up to the golden rays of the sun!

Camper Van in India

Master Bed


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8. Static 1 tonne AC

Runs when connected to power supply. A peaceful nights rest is guaranteed!

Camper Van in India

1 tonne Static AC which runs on power supply

9. Can run on direct AC Power to power 

You can plug camper van into an AC supply and it converts it into DC supply. Rad ain’t it?

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10. Microwave and Refrigerator 

An 80 litre fridge to cool your beers and a microwave to heat your food! Need we say more?

Camper Van in India

Fridge and microwave behind the seat. The seat can be folded for easy access

11. Has a Smart TV 

A 28″ Sony SmartTV ensure you can stream any online service; with a wifi hotspot!

Camper Van in India

Smart TV in Camper Van

12. Comes with a hood

Why sit in the sun when you can sit in the shade! All you have to do is, pull out the hood!

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

The hood can be pulled out and has a stand

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4


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13. Complete camping equipment

We bundled the camper van with 4 tents, 6 thermal mats, 5 sleeping bags, pillows, camping chairs and even a folding table!

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

14. Roof rails for luggage

This can comfortably carry any amount of load you dump on it, with rain covers and ropes – it’s all safe. Pack efficiently or you will be on the roof looking for a change of clothes everyday!

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

Roof rails on Camper Van


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17. Comes with extra mattresses

Two seats can also fully recline to make it into a bed. An extra mattress on the floor of the car is for an extra folk in the crew!

18. Bundled with umbrellas

We really thought this through, so we put in four umbrellas for you to use if it rains!

19. 180 litre underbelly tank, RO water purifier and dispenser

Can be refilled easily, and this is the same tank that supplies to the geyser, toilet & bathroom. It has an RO water purifier and dispenser, so drinking water is included. Bottled mineral water is not encouraged and refillable steel water bottles are provided in the caravan.

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20. Comes with WiFi

Thanks to the telecom boom, we’ve been able to add this to our camper van.

21. A winch to get you out of a sticky situation

With a 10 tonne capacity – this one is for the die hard adventurists!

Camper Van in India. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway 4x4

The 10 tonne winch on the Camper Van


Rent the camper Van (Camper Van for Hire)

Do you like what you see? Now let us tell you how you can go about booking this piece of art on wheels. All rentals come with a complimentary Scout (virtual travel assistance) for the entire duration of the trip. Share your complete details and you will hear from you us!

Rs. 10,000 per day + Rs. 2000 Driver / butler allowance


  • All facilities and camping equipment like table and chairs
  • Fishing equipment
  • Umbrella, flying discs, tents, sleeping bags, thermal mats
  • Induction / LPG stove / microwave cooking utensils and cutlery
  • Wifi
  • Condiments and spices for cooking
  • Water for daily use
  • Virtual Scout for entire duration of the trip
  • Driver and help for the entire trip. Your personal butler on wheels
  • RO water purified from inhouse purifier


  • Consumables on food (raw material)
  • Fuel
  • Tolls and parking
  • Bottled Drinking water.


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