7 Exciting Nature Trails in South India for Your Next Road trip

by Sanchita Jhunjhunwala
Nature trails near Kodaikanal

South India is indeed one of the most pleasant places to visit, and it also makes for a popular tourist place. It is one part of India that brings you closer to nature, and so nature trails in South India shouldn’t be missed out on.  Nature trails and the South of India are like the Juno swans, they fit perfectly together. You have a variety of options to choose from, right from small getaways in various cities to nature camping, or even a road trip near South India. When you choose to travel South, you are talking about lush greenery, feisty winds, and a step closer to nature.

Nature trails in South India you must not miss:

Small getaways in South India or nature trails around this place, you have multiple options to choose from, all equally exciting. You can opt for a nature trek if you are looking out for an adventure or a lazy evening just by the lake. You can always opt for small getaways and make it a perfect road trip.

So without further ado, let us list down some of the places you can visit when and popular nature trails in South India:

1. Theni – Spices, handlooms, and nature

Theni in Tamil Nadu

What makes Theni in Tamil Nadu one of the perfect nature trails is the location. One look and you will want to take a road trip right away if nothing at all. Located at the lap of Western Ghats, Theni is one of the most ideal small getaways in South India. Theni is famous for the nearby districts which offer great handloom and handicraft material. And if that’s not enough, there are mangoes, spices of different kinds, and coffee beans and green tea too.


2. Pine Forest Trek – A sight to behold

Pine Forest

A trek sounds like a plan, and that applies even when you are looking at nature trails in South India. A rather easy trek, you will have a picturesque treat to yourself as you make your way through. They are perfectly maintained, and of course, who doesn’t like a bunch of trees anywhere you look as you walk under the skies? Oh, and the best part, you can also opt for nature camping and have a date with the stars. Apart from pine trees, you will also find Shola, Eucalyptus and pretty mushrooms around. If photography is the reason you decided to go for one of these nature trails, then this is a great pick for you.

3. Alleppey – Your version of Venice

Alleppey in Kerala

Alleppey in Kerala is indeed one heaven on Earth, and it makes for exotic nature trails purely because of the view it gives. You will wake up to fresh air and lush greenery in any part of this place, and is indeed a sight to behold. While it counts for one of the best nature trails, it is also the perfect romantic getaway. Alleppey lists as the top 5 amongst small getaways in South India, it also has mini trips within the locales. Nothing would beat a road trip to Alleppey! It has more than just the backwaters to offer. Right from boat races to a spiritual experience with the temples it hosts, Alleppey is a must visit.

4. Vattakanal – A trek to the canopy hill


If you want to boast the adventurer in you, then this is a nature trek that you can’t miss. While nature trails are often soothing, this one might be difficult, but worth it. Your trek is one that includes a steep slope, and on your way, you might be lucky to spot some wildlife including Bisons, porcupines, and more. The forests open up every now and then, and that is one sight you shall cherish. Not to forget, the Western Ghats and the jungle make it an exciting journey uphill. One can also stop at Kumbakarai and continue thereon. The trek is strenuous but just as much fulfilling to the soul.

5. Ooty – for those who love the hills

Ooty Hill Station

What are nature trails if not one step close to nature! Ooty is listed as one of the most romantic of all getaways and it has mountains, greenery, and Botanical gardens to fill the nature freak in you. Hill stations are always a treat and make for perfect getaways. You can always opt for camping by the stars, or even take on a nature trek. Ooty can be a viable option if you are looking to go on a road trip in and around South India. If you are a winter baby and are looking for small getaways near Kodaikanal, then Ooty is a great pick for you.

6. Berijam Lake – Tourists paradise

must visit Berijam Lake


If you are looking at small getaways in South India or take a road trip nearby, then Berijam Lake could be a good picnic spot for you. The site attracts many tourists and there is no second guessing the beauty that this place has to offer. One might also feel like this is one of the ideal nature trails owing to the greenery it has to offer. It is located at Fort Hamilton, and one might indulge in some ‘me time’ when in here.

7. Madurai – Feed on some history

Sudareshwara Temple is a must visit

They say if you visit South India and miss out on Madurai, your trip shall remain incomplete. Among the many nature trails and small getaways in South India, this one is a tad bit different. There are about tons of temples around but the 2000-year-old Shree Meenakshi Sudareshwara Temple is a must visit on your list. Apart from that, there is the Gandhi Museum too which you can visit.


Call it one of your nature trails or just small getaways in and around the South, these places are sure to put the travelling freak in you at ease! So which one are you going for?

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