5 Awesome Reasons Why You Need to Hire A Scout Now!

by Myra Naik
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At ScoutMyTrip, we love our Scouts and the wonderful experiences they bring to our community of travellers. A Scout is your online travel buddy or virtual travel guide who helps you plan your trip and bring a personal touch with recommendations of things to do in a new place. Since they know their areas inside out, you get suggestions that are off the beaten path – things only locals would know. All those things make your overall experience so much better than trying to figure out where to go by checking online.

So why do you need a virtual travel guide?

It is a curated experience that blows your mind. You get ideas, suggestions and advice that make your trip so much more memorable. Scouts provide unique plans based on your needs, wants and interests. It is a personalised trip created with you in mind. You get all this, and much more, when you plan a trip with a virtual travel guide. Let’s find out more about the benefits of hiring a Scout!

1. Scouts Curate Travel Plans Exclusively for You

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An online travel buddy will create a personalized plan for you based on your areas of interest, trip duration, and things you want to see. In addition to that, their in-depth knowledge of the region helps them understand what other things you might be interested in, based on your communication with them. This way, they’ll be able to suggest offbeat places that are often known only to locals.

They’ll know what places of interest can be visited in a day, and when you can have a separate day for certain places. You will be able to visit all the places you want, and you won’t be too tired at the end of the day. Instead, it’ll be fun and relaxing, just as a vacation should be!

2. Virtual Travel Guides Will Save You Time

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Hiring a Scout who will help you plan a trip, saves so much time! People often spend time doing a lot of research online when they begin to plan a holiday. Even if you browse everything you can find online about your next holiday destination, there are still some things that only someone familiar with the place would know. That’s where our Scouts come in. Talking to them will clarify so many aspects you were considering and researching. When they help plan your trip, you’ll save so much time, and end up getting a much better experience on your vacation. Hiring a Scout will help you relax and enjoy the excitement of going on the trip, instead of worrying about how to schedule your days.

Hire A Scout

3. Scouts Recommend Local Experiences

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As part of your curated travel plan, when you hire a scout, they will include local experiences. This is something that is difficult to come across while searching for information online. Even if you speak to people who have previously visited that destination, they might not know more than travelers usually manage to learn. A Scout, however, knows the place inside out. They will know of hidden gems, quaint spots, and unique experiences. All that knowledge will help make your trip so much more exclusive and different from other travelers visiting there.

4. Scouts give you remote assistance

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After all the planning and scheduling is done with the help of your Scout, you’re off on your holiday and having a great time. If you need anything during the trip, an online travel buddy will also provide travel assistance to you remotely. In fact, they’ll also give you a route map, suggestions of things to do along your route, as well as where to pick up trip supplies if you’re running low. A virtual travel guide will be there for your throughout your journey – they’ve thought of everything and planned for it beforehand! You can travel worry free, knowing that remote assistance is always available.

5. Online Travel Buddies offer real time communication

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Along with remote assistance, there may be times when you need help for some unforeseen situation, or advice on what to do at that very moment. You might feel like staying somewhere for longer if you love the place. You may want to switch things up, or add some things. You’re allowed to change your mind! It’s your holiday after all. Don’t worry, because your Scout is available for real time communication. If you want their advice on what to do or change, rest assured they’ll help you come up with the best possible option for your individual needs.

Hire a Scout for your Next Holiday!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas about how a virtual tour guide can make your holiday so much better. Have you hired a Scout for holidays before? Let us know about your experience. If not, are you thinking about trying it out? If you’d like to know more about it, leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media and we’ll help you figure things out!

Also, if you want to experience how it feels to enjoy your holiday with an online travel buddy – Hire a Scout and plan your trip now!

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