5 Ways You As a Traveller Can Boost The Local Economy

by Srujana Vuppuluri
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Travel creates a positive impact on the local community and boosts the economy. While you choose to travel for the pleasure, your choice to travel gives rise to several employment opportunities for the locals. Travel also promotes awareness of culture and traditions and helps preserve them. Tourism also helps in the betterment of the place when you spend on hotels, dining, shopping, and visiting tourist attractions. 

Here are 5 ways you as a traveller can boost the local economy

1. Homestays

When travellers choose to stay in homestays on their vacation they directly contribute to boost the economy and also uplift an entire community. Homestays provide reliable income to people who are hosting. The travellers also get to witness the local culture and lifestyle. This experience is something that would last for a lifetime. The travellers learn more from interacting with the hosts about the place than they would while staying in any big hotels. While choosing to stay in Homestays directly or indirectly, you become responsible for the livelihood of the people who work and provide services for the homestay like the maid, the cook, the grocery vendor, etc. 

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2. Local food chains street food

Food is what defines a place. It tells you a lot about the place and the people. Street food is something that’s almost always is what is famous for the places. Every place usually has one such street food joint that you must visit. By choosing to eat street food in the local food chain, you can enjoy the authentic flavours of the place and help their livelihood. 

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3. Hiring local guides

While traveling to a new place it is important to spend time to create an itinerary for the vacation. And it is often very tough to learn about the place and plan the trip. Hence hiring a local guide is a very good idea as they know the place better and they will be able to draw up an itinerary that is perfect for you keeping in mind your requirements. Hiring a local guide, in turn, improves the economy by creating job opportunities for several people.

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4. Shopping at local markets

Shopping at the local market has several advantages. It introduces you to the local produce of the place, the kinds of clothes, handcrafted products, and other local artefacts. These markets provide economic benefits to the locals. By choosing to shop in local markets you can help create job opportunities. When you shop locally, the proceeds go to the uplifting of the community. Also, local products are very unique to the place and tell a lot about it. 

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5. Using Local transportation 

By using local transportation, you can contribute to the economy. It is also a great way to curb pollution. Using public transportation has various advantages like you can meet locals and interact with them which would help you know the place well and see the place like a true local. Using public transportation will also be pocket-friendly

Well if you can think of more ways to boost the local economy when you travel next, drop in your suggestions in the comments section below.

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5 Ways You As a Traveller Can Boost The Local Economy
When you travel to a destination of your choice, try to be a responsible and smart traveler. In this post you can find 5 ways to boost the local economy!
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