Driving tips for your next road trip

by Arjun Dikshit
road trip driving tips

Whether your road trip takes you on the highways or city roads, its always a good idea to follow all the traffic rules. Also, observe the highway driving etiquette. You might still run into people who try your patience. However, these tips will help you keep your calm and have a fun trip.

Road Trip tips for the driving on the highways

Driving Tip 1

Avoid road rage on the highways during the road trip, to ensure everybody is safe and in a good mood.

Avoid road rage

Driving Tip 2

Whether you are from Mars or Venus,  don’t hesitate to ask the locals for direction. Always beats driving round and round on your road trip.

ask the locals for direction

Driving Tip 3

Night driving is convenient when you have to drive long distances. It is especially useful when you are on a road trip with kids. However, it isn’t something you should attempt if you are not comfortable.

Night driving is convenient

Driving Tip 4

It is always fun to race with friends but we would suggest you do it on foot, away from the highways. Racing on the highway can have serious outcomes.

Hire A Scout
Avoid racing

Driving Tip 5

Driving in the fast lane is fun but not unless you are not driving at the appropriate speeds.

do not overspeed

Driving Tip 6

Now that you have decided to drive on the fast lane, don’t forget to use the indicator when changing lanes. It is really very helpful for your fellow drivers.

use of indicator

Driving Tip 7

A common sight on a monsoon road trip is entire lanes of cars with the hazard lights blinking. It is really distracting and it’s safer to use primary lamps (front and rear)

safer to use primary lamps

Driving Tip 8

The fun of trips to hill stations is in driving on the curvaceous mountain roads. It is easier to do that by working the gear instead of braking.

working the gear instead of braking

Driving Tip 9

Honking at trucks is inevitable but you should try avoiding it on your next road trip.

avoid honking

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Driving Tips For Your Next Road Trip
Whether your road trip takes you on highways or city roads, you should follow driving etiquette everywhere. These road trip driving tips make your trip less stressed.
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