4 Step Guide on How To Prepare For A Solo Road Trip

by Vineet

Planning for a solo trip is not just exciting but also one of the most engaging activities ever. The challenge of traveling solo involves planning and then the execution of it.  This is especially if you are planning a road trip where the purpose of travel is different. So in case, you have been planning to go on a fulfilling solo road trip, make sure you follow these simple steps.

Going Solo

1. Self-drive your way through

When you are on your own, it’s as daunting as it is exciting! Do make sure that you adopt a secure and open posture when you go out and explore. The key to happiness during a solo road trip is to look approachable to the right people and feel confident in front of the nasty ones. Having said that, what will surely make it possible, is to select a car of your own choice and self-drive towards your favourite destination.


preparing for a solo trip

While preparing for a solo trip, other things matter too. It’s important to blend in as a local so that you learn at every single step. The ability to listen comes with the capability to understand what others are speaking. So while you have your own vehicle and you are on this enlightening trip of yours, you gain the liberty to spend more time with the people around you and get a hold of their cultures and existences.



Packing Hacks

2. Packing Hacks

Its quite necessary to take the right things with you, especially when you are traveling solo towards the hills. The required medicines, warm clothes, an adequate amount of water and your favourite camera are some of the things you need to keep in mind. This is easier if you are traveling in a car of your choice and be the driver yourself. That is when you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your stuff, or carrying out excessive luggage with you. So even if you are alone, you won’t feel as uncomfortable because you are in your familiar vehicle and you wouldn’t be traveling onto being somebody else’s responsibility.

3. How does a solo trip help you?

traveling solo

Traveling alone gives you more confidence in yourself and this is the confidence you need when deciding on traveling. That particular feeling one gets when they are free is how you feel when you are traveling solo. The essence of doing something on your own, that level of liberty to be there for yourself, without requiring anyone else is what makes one happier.

Hire A Scout

Once you arrive at your destination, you will be with a group of people so you won’t truly be alone. However, since you technically solo trip, it will help push you across to have the experience of making new friends and help you overcome any feelings of being alone.

There is always some alone time on tours so you can either practice solo tripping or hang out with all of your new friends you’ve made! Frankly speaking, one is never really alone during a solo self-drive trip. Your vehicle is your best mate. So when you are finally ready to go on a solo trip, make sure you have your stuff set, your luggage intact, your essentials all in place and the urge to experience the serenity in your heart. For nothing is more alluring than exploring and if you want to feel the most of it, take yourself to the zenith, alone.

4. How to keep yourself engaged on your solo trip?

While solo road trip may seem like the best thing for you to take that well-deserved break; there are chances you might feel a little lonely! However, there are ways in which you can avoid feeling that way. The easy way to keep yourself engaged would be to grab a book or listen to music but those aren’t things you don’t do otherwise, are they? So the best way to kill loneliness would be to book yourself a day tour of the city. Interacting with other travelers while on your solo road trip is a great way to build information on things to do, places to see, etc.

a day tour

You can also opt for cooking with the locals. Yes, cooking a local meal will help you learn about the local cuisine, the culture, the people and more. Another way to avoid feeling lonely on your solo road trip is by booking your stay at a hostel. At a hostel, you have the chance of meeting not just travelers but people of different origin, belonging to different streams, living at the hostel with a different purpose. This is an interesting way to build your network and go back with newer ideas.

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