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by Vineet
Road Trip Planning

Have you ever wondered how much a road trip would cost you? Well, we have also been looking for a road trip cost calculator. But it isn’t that easy to find something which suited Indian conditions.

So we built a road trip cost calculator which factors the following:

  1. Cost of stays
  2. Cost of fuel 
  3. Number of people on the road trip
  4. Cost of vehicle – it could be your own, or rented (self drive or outstation taxi)
  5. Type of vehicle (Bike or car)
  6. Cost of tolls 
  7. Cost of meals 

This will give you an estimate for a road trip anywhere in India. However, for certain places like Ladakh, Spiti or parts of North East where the cost of outstation taxi’s can really be high, it can vary.

Assumptions in our road trip cost calculator

  1. Tolls: Cost of tolls is taken at an average of Rs. 1.20 per kilometer. So this might give you wrong results if you end up using only state highways or village roads; because most of them will not have tolls
  2. Fuel inclusions: None of the vehicle options include fuel.
  3. Cost of fuel: Is variable for most parts in India. Take an average as deemed fit.
  4. Meals per day: We are assuming that you will have 3 meals in a day.
  5. Evening Snacks: They’re not considered. Play around with the cost of meals to estimate for snacks
  6. Minimum Distance: The minimum distance for a road trip will be 100 kms.
  7. Cost of vehicle: There is no cost attached to a bike / car you own. However, the following price matrix is used, if you are taking a vehicle on rent :
    1. Self drive car: Rs. 1500 / day (Rental only and not deposit)
    2. Self ride bike: Rs. 1000 / day (Rental only and not deposit)
    3. Outstation taxi: Rs. 2000 / day (which may include driver expenses and his / her meals)

Do check out some of the other posts about road tripping in a budget or planning a road trip. Liked how our calculator works to tells you the cost of a road trip?

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Road Trip Cost Calculator
Want to find out how much your road trip is going to cost you? Try out our road trip cost calculator which factors fuel, tolls, stays, meals and vehicles!
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