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Travel is for the soul they say, and road trips are for the adventurous souls out there. Road trips in India are totally the new current rage, and it might be quite a task to decide what best road trips in India are like.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been slogging to zero down on your next road trip with the love of your life, or looking out for an adventure with friends, well then, here is a list of 15 best road trips in India.

15 Best Road Trips In India

1. Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa Road Trip


Talk about the best road trips in India, and Mumbai to Goa is the first that will pop into your head. The 590 kms ride via NH4 shall get you to Goa in about 10 hours. On your way, you will experience the beauty of the Western Ghats, which are breathtaking.

Stop by at some great food joints, and leave early in the day. The party for you will seem to have just begun once you hit it off in the land of sun and beaches.

Ideal time to visit: September to March

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2. Manali to Leh

Manali to Leh Road Trip

Well, the mountains are calling! One of the best road trips in India for a reason, on your way to Leh, you will experience bliss. At the same time, the trip will be filled with an enigmatic experience of cool breeze, snow-capped mountains, surrounded by valleys. With a travel distance of 478 kms, you’ll come across the famous passes too.

Travel time of about 2 days, you might want to stop over at Keylong and Sarchu to embrace the joys.

Ideal time to visit: June to September

3. Bangalore to Ooty

Bangalore to Ooty Road Trip

Down south is not all that bad either. If you are one who wanders, then this might as well be one of the best road trips in India. With Nilgiri Hills in your backdrop, your road trip to Ooty is picturesque.

A drive of approximately 6 hours, your travel is a distance of 266 km along the SH 17. With a road that is in great condition, and a lot of eateries your way, the trip is enticing. Oh, and you might want to stop by at Mysore, and adore the nature it boasts of.

Ideal time to visit: March to June

4.  Chennai to Pondicherry

Talk about the best road trips in India, and Chennai to Pondicherry is the best down South. As you travel across the East Coast Road, touchdown at Marine Drive is the ultimate view. Including a couple of stops for food breaks and photo ops at Mutukadu and Paiyanur, you might want to start off early.

A distance of 389 kms, the journey takes about 7 to 8 hours until you arrive at your destination. Enjoy sightseeing, some water sports, and the beaches!

Ideal time to visit: October to February

5. Ahmedabad to Kutch

Ahmedabad to Kutch Road Trip

Talk about the land of white salt desert, the Rann of Kutch will let you explore Gujarati culture. Land to migratory birds like flamingos, cranes and many more, the land is a treat. Nevertheless, if that does not allure you enough, there is culture, art and exquisite art to witness. Oh, and not to forget, you wouldn’t want to miss the moonlight night by the land for the world.

An easy travel time of about 5 hours (if you leave early), the distance is about 340 kms. The Wild Ass Sanctuary and Chari Dand are must visit places.

After all, Kutch nahi dekha toh kya dekha?

Ideal time to visit: October to March

6. Kolkata to Digha

A beach to a Kolkatan is what winters are for Mumbaikars; you always fall a little short of it. A quick weekend getaway from Kolkata to Digha is blissful during summers. Your travel will include picture-perfect landscapes and a reviving experience. And yet, you don’t need too many days here, and a weekend is just right to take your mind off the hectic schedules.

With a travel distance of about 180 kms, it is a quick 3-hour ride. Some basking in the sun, a walk by the beaches and mouth-watering seafood; now that is one of the best road trips in India for the east.

Ideal time to visit: July to March

7. Shillong to Cherapunjee

Shillong to Cherapunjee Road Trip

One of the most popular roads, the way to Cherapunjee via East Khasi Hills is totally enriching. It makes to our list of best road trips in India, purely because of all that it has to offer. Old world heritage or modern charm, excellent tourist amenities, or the waterfalls, there’s all of it.

A quick road trip of 53kms, you’ll get to Cherapunjee in about 2 hours rough.

Ideal time to visit: March to May, June to September, October to February

8. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Jaipur to Jaisalmer Road Trip

There is no doubting the magnificence that the Pink city of Jaipur beholds, and a road trip to Jaisalmer is equally worth the while. The traditions and culture of Rajasthan are boasted off across India, and this road trip is a testimony to the fact.

As you drive your way through the NH 15 over what is a distance of 570 kms, you’d surely agree. Over your 9 hours of journey, you are sure to relish every bit of it. Not to forget, on your way, one of the prime display of the culture would be authentic food served to you.

Ideal time to visit: November to March

9. Shimla to Manali

Shimla to Manali Road Trip

This is yet another of every road tripper’s personal favorite. If there’s anything that would be apt to fall into the best road trips in India, this is one of them. While on the trip, you might want to keep your cameras ready. This trip here will let you detach from the worldly attachments and be a complete rejuvenation of your soul.

An 8 hour journey of eternal bliss, the travel distance is about 250 kms. And, trust us when we say it, you’ll not want the journey to end anytime soon. With green patches and refreshing air, your road trip to Manali is going to be a memorable one. And, don’t forget to stop by at Spiti!

Ideal time to visit: Mid September to mid-July (outside of the monsoon season)

10. Darjeeling to Pelling

A rather underrated and not talked about road trip, this one here is yet another of those trips where you’re bound to go OMG! All that you witness on your way is pure beauty, greenery, and those huge mountains. For the chai lovers, you’d sure love to stop by at those tea gardens.

A distance of about 72 kms, you’ll take about 4 hours to reach Pelling from Darjeeling. Good food, great chai, and amazing scenic beauty is there any more than you’ll ever ask for?

Ideal time to visit: March to June, September to December

11. Gangtok to Nathu- La pass

Well, if you ask us, we’d say that the North East has a great deal to explore. With all that we have on our list, we are sure you’d agree. One of the best road trips in India, this one is the kind that you’ve got to try once in a lifetime.

More for the adventurous souls, the ride could be challenging, but surely one to cherish. Go stop by at the Changu Lake during the winters, and let the beauty sink in.

A mere distance of 55 kms that can be traversed in 2 hours, the road trip is an experience in itself.

Ideal time to visit: September to June

12. Guwahati to Tawang

For those who are explorers, this is a worthy experience. Yet another destination in the North East, there is a major adventure that follows. However, irrespective of the fact you’re an Indian or not, you will need an Inner Line Permit.

An extensive travel distance of 510 kms, it will take you about a day or two until you reach Tawang. A short getaway of about 5 days is what we’d suggest because you’ll have to make halts in between.

Ideal time to visit: March to September, November to February

13. Kochi to Munnar

Kochi to Munnar Road Trip

Talking about road trips, Munnar can’t be missed. A perfect weekend getaway, the trip is likely to take your mind off all the worries. Once you do reach Munnar, there is scenic beauty and lakes between hillocks. Kerela is what you’d want to see once in your life as a true traveler.

A travel time of 3 hours is just about enough to get you through the 126 kms journey. When you’re in Kerela, this road trip is sure to tempt you.

Ideal time to visit: June to September

14. Vizag to Araku Valley

Your stay in Vizag is sure to allure you into the beauty of the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Ghats coming together. However, if that doesn’t seem to be mystifying enough, then there is this road trip you must sure undertake. The calm and serene roads are likely to become a memory forever.

A travel distance of 116 kms, you’ll reach your destination in about 3-4 hours. While in Araku, don’t forget to visit Borra caves and Tatipudi reservoir.

Ideal time to visit: October to March

15. Mumbai to Mount Abu

Mumbai to Mount Abu Road Trip

By Camaal Mustafa Sikander aka Lens Naayak [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

This one right here might need you to have some patience. If you are in no hurry, you’d love your way from Mumbai to Mount Abu. Your road trip is a mixture of cultures as you experience a little of three – Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

Your entry into Mount Abu is a paradise into the greenery. Of what is a travel distance of 765 kms, it’d take you 12 hours to get there. But, fret not, you can stop by at Ahmedabad and Vadodara for some food and fun.

Ideal time to visit: July to October

So, pack your bags, and get the engines roaring, because what you are about to experience (if you choose one from the list) is what people like to call the available best road trips in India.

Make sure you have your checklist all checked before hitting it off! Also, checkout the road trip hacks that we have listed down that’ll make your road trip more fun. You should go to these wonders of India at least once. If you have visited any of the places mentioned above please share your journey in our Community Forums.


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