5 Travel Resolutions That You Can Follow In The Year 2020

by Myra Naik
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New Year has always been a time for fresh starts, resolutions and a chance to start a new story for yourself. If you like to travel, you could try to set some travel resolutions along with (or even instead of) your New Year resolutions. After all, travel gives you new experiences and a chance to discover more about the world and yourself. What could be a better set of resolutions than the ones related to travel?

Let’s set some cool travel resolutions together for 2020!

Travel Resolutions 2020 – Ways to Ring in the New Year

Travel resolutions are honestly one of the most fun kinds of resolutions, because it combines enjoyment with life experiences, as well as connecting with our wonderful planet and all the other life on it. It’s about being a responsible traveler, who also knows how to have a great time. Here are 5 travel resolutions that you can try and follow this year:

1. Sustainable Travelling

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The growing threat to ecological balance due to pollution and global warming is something we must all pay heed to. Our Earth is already struggling and we are presently in a delicate situation in terms of the health of the planet. We should be careful and try to do our part every day, as well as while travelling. Reduce waste, recycle when you can, don’t litter, and clean up after yourself. Be a good, caring global citizen when you travel.

If you’re traveling to some place, make sure you leave the place as clean as it was before you got there. In fact, try to go one step further and make it even cleaner than it was. Leave a positive impact in every little way you can.

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2. Using Less Plastic

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When we speak about sustainability, can plastic usage be far behind? Plastic is one of the major factors that destroy delicate ecosystems and threaten aquatic life. Try to reduce your plastic usage as much as you can. This is applicable to our daily life as well, just like sustainability. However, we should try to be extra careful while traveling. We might visit offbeat or relatively undiscovered places in the course of our travels. These places are pristine, untouched by human influence, and often have a delicate ecosystem in place. If we mess up by leaving non-biodegradable trash in such areas, we are effectively destroying the ecosystem there. We don’t want to do that, now, do we?

It’s better to use natural products as much as possible, like leaf plates, paper straws, wooden spoons, reusable pouches, natural fibers, and glass containers. And remember to pick up after yourself!

3. Use the Long Weekends

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Long weekends are a great way to stretch those office holidays and turn them into memorable trips. A short trip every once in a while to nearby destinations can definitely add up, and you’ll be able to enjoy many road trips over the span of a year. Local music festivals, events, and nearby attractions are also worth a visit. We often ignore the great things we can do in and around our own cities, so this is something we could consciously try to include in our long weekend plans for 2020.

If you use your office leaves wisely, you might be able to add on a few days to your long weekends, and get an even longer holiday. Check out our calendar for long weekends in 2020 and get cracking on your travel resolutions!

4. Budget for your Travel Goal Resolutions

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We know, saving feels really difficult and boring. Think of it this way – the more you save, the more you’ll be able to travel. That should be a good enough incentive for saving! Plan out where you would like to go in 2020, and see how much you’ll need to save to make those holiday daydreams a reality this year. Then, start putting aside some money every month in order to finance these trips!

This is one of those travel resolutions that can be accomplished by just consistently saving up, one trip after the other, step by step. Good luck!

5. Plan That Trip You Always Dreamed Of

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Maybe there’s a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting. You’re most likely saving it for a life milestone or major occasion, but why wait? Travel resolutions don’t have to be tied in with conditional life situations. Do things just because- You deserve it! Remember, we spoke about budgeting for travel goals? If you are able to save enough, treat yourself with that trip you’ve been daydreaming about for years. You know which one I’m talking about. We all have at least one such destination in mind.

What are your Travel Resolutions?

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas about what to do about your travel resolutions for 2020. Have you set any resolutions yet? Or do you plan to incorporate some of these? What other travel resolutions can you recommend to us? We’d love to know! Do share it with us in the comments below!

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5 Travel Resolutions That You Can Follow In The Year 2020
Travel gives you new experiences and a chance to discover more about the world and yourself. What could be better than resolutions related to travel?
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