Planning a Trip? Try Going For a Road Trip

by Aparajita Mitra
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Vacation days are precious in this day and age. Given that there is so much to explore and so little time, weekend trip planning has become a norm. When you are planning a trip with family and friends or even solo, consider going for a road trip. Road trip is the best way to truly enjoy the journey. You could travel between two destinations multiple times and yet, each journeywould be different. In this fast-paced times, road trips give the much needed joy of traveling at one’s own pace and discovering new things on the way.

Planning a trip? There are many reasons why road trip planning makes a lot of sense.

Road trips are an amazing way to relax, once you get out of the city traffic. Imagine the open roads, your favorite music and you cruising at your pace. Whether you are planning a trip to the beach, mountain or jungle, it is definitely more convenient to hit the roads, rather than having to chase the train/flight schedule. Also you can spend less time worrying about excess baggage and shop to your heart’s content. On some of our road trips, we have even bought veggies and fruits from local farmers and brought them all the way home, so quite literally you can buy anything. 🙂

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Trip planning with your friends and family are an absolute joy. You get to spend quality time and bond with them. The road trip games, music playlists , sightseeing, everything is more fun when you are in a group. Also if you are a pet parent, you do not have to leave them behind and you can take them along without any hassles on a road trip. It would be helpful to spend some time planning your trip & route, to prevent any hiccups on the way or at the destination. You must read our tips on planning a road trip with cats and dogs to make the experience hassle free.

reason to go on a road trip, trip planning, planning a trip, road trip

I live in Kochi but I want to explore Rajasthan. How can I do a road trip?

Road trip planning doesn’t necessarily mean traveling all the way from home to your destination by road. You could also fly/take a train into a city on the other side of the country and then spend time exploring the places near it. For example, if planning a trip to explore beautiful Rajasthan, you could travel to Jaipur and start your road trip there. Or you could take a train to New Jalpaiguri station and the road trip that can take you to Darjeeling and Gangtok. Once you are on the road, the trip planning possibilities are endless.

reason to go on a road trip, trip planning, planning a trip, road trip

Having said that, one of the many reasons to try of a road trip is actually the number of days you have in hand. Road trips do not always require long periods of time. You can choose a destination nearby and easily go for a day trip which would require minimal trip planning. Or you could try planning a trip for 2-3 days which can be done over a weekend or long weekend.

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Planning a Trip? Try Going For a Road Trip
When planning a trip with friends & family, road trip planning is the way to go. Shop till you drop, go sightseeing, explore new places - at your own pace.
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