5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Road Trip!

by Sunaina Aiyappa
Mark and Embark

Part 1: Importance of Planning a Trip.

Those who travel frequently, often have a set list of things to do, things to carry and things to avoid doing. Even the regular travelers tend to miss out on these things at times. This is why planning a trip is very important so that you have a memorable experience from the start to end.

When planning a trip, keep in mind that you also need to have a Plan B for every Plan A. Yes, this is important because it helps you prepare for all the things that might be a hindrance to your trip. So, always have two plans in place.

Before we talk about having two plans, let us first understand why planning a trip itself is so important! Listed below are a few reasons why you need to plan ahead.

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#1 Lock in, on the destination:

planning a trip

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The first thing you need to get out of the way is the Destination. When planning a trip, research a bit about the place you want to travel to; the best time to visit, how tourist-friendly it is, modes of transport etc. Once, you have decided on the destination, it’ll be easy to chalk out the rest of it. For example, when you visit the ScoutMyTrip website, you’ll see the tabs ‘start from’ and énd at’, after which you can start planning a trip.

In case you aren’t sure of where you want to travel to next, then just click on the tab ‘Road trips near me’ and you will have it all figured from there. Furthermore, you could also look into some exciting Road trip packages that are available on our site.

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#2 The number game:

Travel Itinerary

After the destination, comes the length of your trip. The number of days of travel is important especially when you’re doing a road trip because you need to keep enough days before and during your trip.

When you’re planning a trip, the number of days should be inclusive of the start date and end date of your road trip, not just the days in between where you do all your touristy stuff. Also, it is always wiser to keep “buffer” days at the beginning and in the end, in case of issues related to your vehicle, the weather, bookings, etc. You might want to prepare your vehicle well in advance, before going on that trip!

#3 The Figure game:

Trip Planning

A 4 to 6 figure related planning is good enough depending on the destination and days of travel. However, we also offer packages that will cost you just 3-4k which are nothing but ideal weekend getaways.

When planning a trip you will not just need to include costs of hotel bookings, meals, snacks etc but also costs like those at Toll booths, entry fees at government run places (zoos, sanctuaries, and museum), petrol and any other additional payments. Roughly calculate these and you’re good to go.

Tip: Start swiping your cards only at Banks they’re associated to, to save that additional deduction.

#4 Book now!

Trip Booking

Now that you have a rough plan in place, go to the next step which is that of Booking. Yes, when you’re planning a trip you need to stay inspired till the time the day of departure actually arrives.

The best way to do this is to BOOK your stay, BOOK your vehicle (in case you don’t have one) and BOOK your trip! When you pay a little installment you have no option but to make it work because no one enjoys being charged for cancellation.

#5 Plan your days

Holiday Planning

Plan a day wise itinerary and try to follow it as much as possible. Planning a trip can be a challenge but that’s why there are good trip planners who lay it all out there for you. All you have to do is punch in your start and end point and the rest of it is taken care of by us. By planning your activities, you get some clarity about how your trip is going to look and what you need to be prepared for.

We offer something called the ‘Suggested itinerary’ which provides you with information that you can use to your benefit. It is nothing but an itinerary that you can customize as per your likes.

So, waste NO time and start with the first leg of your journey which is to Mark! Stay tuned for more on planning and execution, in his space. Until then, stay inspired, stay motivated!

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