The Blissful Solitude of the Beaches of South Goa

by Aparajita Mitra
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No matter where one lives in India, a Goa road trip is a dream vacation. And a Goa road trip is incomplete without a visit to the beach. The beaches of South Goa need no introduction.  They offer a heady mix of spectacular coastline, food shacks, nightlife, water sports, flea markets, an endless row of swaying palm trees on sun-kissed shores.

The North Goa beaches are very popular with tourists. Hence they have huge crowds and have become very commercialized over the years. However, the beaches of South Goa are just as beautiful but the solitude adds to its appeal. These beaches are ideal for quiet walks on the shore, sun tanning or just lazing around. If you plan to visit these beaches during your Goa road trip, they are mostly around Panaji, Margao, and Mapusa.

Colva Beach

colva beach trip

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One of the oldest beaches of South Goa is Colva Beach (8 km from Margao) that stretches for 2.4 km. If you are headed on a Goa road trip with a special someone, this is where you should be staying. The beach appears crowded near the entrance but it gets quieter as you walk along the shore. You must visit the Our Lady of Mercy Church and definitely sample the fare at the Colva night market on Monday. The beach is ideal for swimming and there are provisions for water sports. You can also catch a fishermen or two, hauling in their nets and sorting out their catch for the day. Now that’s a sight and smell you won’t forget soon but it would definitely make a great Instagram shot.

Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach Trip

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One of the top beaches of South Goa is Cavelossim Beach, between the Arabian Sea and the River Sal. The smooth black lava pebbles and the white sands give the beach its unique spirit. Laze around on the beach and watch the golden sunset while sipping on your wine and eating the most delicious seafood. What else would you do on a Goa road trip? The most amazing attraction here is to watch the dolphins in their natural surroundings. Boat trips go out into the sea regularly to take you near the dolphins. You can also take river cruises on the Sal River.

Betul Beach

A rare lagoon beach, the Betul Beach is in a coastal village of South Goa. The secluded fishermen village is an idyllic weekend getaway destination. You could stay in quaint huts near the beach, take boat rides into the sea with the fishermen and just chill. As the beach is not very touristy, it is one of the cleanest beaches of South Goa, and the entire state actually.

Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach Trip

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Agonda beach is one of those pristine beaches of South Goa that make it the ideal Goa Road Trip destination. Located 40km from Margao, the beach is flanked by palm trees which make a cozy setting for travelers. Spend a day doing beach yoga or meditate to the soothing sounds of the sea or just do nothing. Lie down on the white sands and just breathe. The Agonda beach is also home to a rare species of turtles, the Olive Ridley Turtles. The beach attracts many nature lovers during the nesting season who come to observe the cute creatures.

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach Trip

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Palolem Beach (38 km from Margao) appear very inviting to the tourists. It is one of the most spectacular beaches of South Goa as well as in India. The beach has a thriving nightlife with silent noise parties. Also, it’s dotted with shacks like the North Goa beaches, where you satiate your beer and sea-food cravings.

Polem Beach

Polem Beach Trip

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Polem Beach (60 km from Margao) is the southernmost of the beaches of Goa and a popular honeymoon destination. It stretches for miles, untouched and clean. The beach is quite remote and only visited by fishermen and locals. So if you are looking for spending quality time with your significant other on a Goa road trip, what better place could you choose. The beach is great for the usual beach activities like sunbathing and walking along the shore. The few shacks on the beach serve lip-smacking seafood

Other than these prominent beaches in South Goa, there are a few others that should be mentioned. Spend a day at the mystical Butterfly Beach, seeking out guess what? Butterflies! Or visit the picturesque Benaulim beach. Legend has it that Parshurama’s arrow fell in Benaulim, or Banavali as it was called before the Portuguese came, and that’s what created Goa. If you go to Cavosselim, you must check out the Varka beach and Mobor beach nearby.

If beaches are your favorite holiday destination, you must check out these other road trip plans for the Konkan coast and Tamil Nadu coast. In fact, if you love sand, you would love the white expanses of the Rann of Kutch. Visit it any time before February to check out the Rann of Kutch Festival.  No matter which beach or coastal town you want to visit, a road trip is the way to go and ScoutMyTrip is your best planning partner. Reach out to us for curated road trip plans or just join in our Community forums with your questions. Our Scouts would love to get you started on your next trip to Goa!

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Excellent work . well written blog. In show all information about south goa beaches. People enjoy water sports , drinks, sea food, shopping on beaches . south goa is nice place to visit so this information is very helpful for plan south goa trip.

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