9 Splendid Destinations To Heal Your Soul After A Devastating Breakup

by Shalini Mimani

We all have been a part of relationships and know that they are really investing. We put in a lot of time and energy together to make it a happy and long-lasting one. But fortunately or unfortunately, not all of them last. And the phase after a breakup can be really exhausting. Many people try distracting themselves and often look for a rebound to deal with the loneliness. However, they fail to realize that they are doing more harm than good. To effectively deal with the breakup turmoil is to accept yourself in your solitude. And the best way to do that is to “solo travel”.

Solo travel after a breakup has become a popular trend today. Millennials, especially resort to solo travel as a therapy. Travel is essentially a means of psychologically and physically escaping one’s regular and mundane routine. A post-breakup holiday not only gives you the much-needed break from your low phase but also gives you a new outlook about life. It helps you experience similar things from before but in a completely different way. One of the perks of exploring beautiful destinations alone is that it helps you explore yourself along with it. If you ever find yourself in a similar spot, just go for the post-breakup trip to understand that there’s more to life than that.

We have curated a list of some of the best solo travel destinations in India which will help you rejuvenate yourself alone:

1. Goa

At the top of our list is the Vegas of India, Goa. Sounds like a cliché right? But there’s always some truth in clichés. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with friends or alone, Goa never fails to disappoint you. Sitting by the beautiful beaches helps you find the much-needed solace you were missing in life. Being the party town, you can always party like there’s no tomorrow. There are some amazing hostels for you to stay. There you get to meet a lot of other solo travelers and make new friends.

The vivacious lifestyle of Goa combines the adventure of beach activities like snorkeling, surfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing and numerous Spa & Ayurvedic resorts to indulge in a reviving session. One of the very reasons why people prefer Goa for a solo trip is that it’s a safe destination. And then the plethora of so many different kinds of activities is yet another reason for you to be completely occupied even if alone.

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2. Sikkim

There are two kinds of people – the ones who love beaches and the ones who love the hills. If you are the latter kind, the perfect place for your post-breakup holiday is the small state of Sikkim. Sikkim is home to such spectacular landscapes. Anyone who loves immersing in nature shouldn’t miss the opportunity of exploring that. You can explore the essence of Buddhism by visiting lots of monasteries there.

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Visit the Tsomgo (pronounced as Changu) lake which you might even find frozen during winters. There you can also explore something you might never have in life, a ‘Yak safari’. The Nathula pass at the Indo-Chinese border again offers you the beauty of the picturesque surroundings. In North Sikkim, you can visit the magnificent Gurudongmar Lake at a height of 17,000 feet. Yumthang is another place to experience divine beauty. Some of the other things that Sikkim has to offer to you are trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, river rafting, and cable rides. Also, don’t forget to taste their authentic momos and thukpas.

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3. Udaipur

If beaches and hills aren’t for you then it’s definitely a place filled with history and rich cultural heritage.  The lake city in Rajasthan offers you an experience of India’s royal past like forts, palaces, Havelis, and temples. The charm of this city will make you believe in magic. A view of the sunset over Lake Pichola is sure to convince you that true romance is yet to enter your life. Their folk dance and puppet show performances are so vibrant that they will definitely raise your spirits. And if nothing else completely satisfies you, that mouth-watering Rajasthani thali and Dal baati churma surely will.

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4. Mumbai

If you can’t decide on any exquisite for your post-breakup trip, visit “The city that never sleeps” – Mumbai. This city is so full of everything that it won’t ever let you feel lonely or bored. You can hop from one nightclub to another and explore the happening nightlife. Beaches, heritage sites, Sanjay Gandhi National park, stock exchange, theatres, elite restaurants and cafes, art galleries and pilgrimage spots, Mumbai is literally so full of everything. And if that’s not enough, there’s “Bollywood” of course. Visit the famous film sets or even the celebrity houses to make your solo travel memorable. Don’t forget to visit the most loved spots of the town – Marine Drive, Carter Road, Bandra Bandstand, Nariman Point, Worli sea face, Chowpatty and beaches like Juhu, Versova and Aksa.

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5. Rishikesh

The scenic beauty of the Himalayas, the gleaming Ganga, the spiritual vibe and the adrenaline pumping adventure activities! Yes, Rishikesh has attracted solo travel lovers for years.

There is a countless list of solo activities that you can do here: Bungee jumping, river rafting, mountain biking, camping, cliff jumping, flying fox, body surfing, rappelling, trekking, paragliding, and kayaking. You can also opt for Ayurvedic massage, meditation retreats, and yoga to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul during your post-breakup holiday. Don’t forget to attend the famous Ganga Aarti while you’re there.

6. Kerala

There is a reason why Kerala is also called “God’s Own Country”. The warm air, calm stretches of the sea, freshly fried banana chips and the highly relaxing massages can make you experience a form of divinity. You can enjoy traditional Kerala food and go for long walks along the beach. Spend your evening while watching the mystical Kathakali performances. You can also stroll along the Fort area to shop for their authentic oils and spices, and souvenirs. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunsets while boating in the exotic backwaters.

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7. Spiti Valley

Ladakh’s lesser-visited cousin, Spiti Valley is a treasure chest of captivating landscapes and virgin wilderness. It offers you majestic snow-capped mountains, lush forest, aesthetic lakes and valleys, and Buddhist monasteries oozing with positivity. This place is so splendid in itself that you might not find a better destination for your post-breakup trip than this. The unique part of the place is that because of a small number of available hotels and guest houses, the friendly people of the hamlets also provide a warm and comfortable stay. You can go for adventurous trekking, camping and mountain biking in the valley. Their delicious momos and thukpas are a must-try. Since the locals are so friendly you can also return the favor by teaching the village kids and spending quality time with them, while learning lessons of life in the process yourself.

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8. Pondicherry

The French capital of India, Pondicherry is a laidback place that features a noticeable French cultural influence, an abundance of beautiful beaches, and old-fashioned cobbled streets marked with colonial architectural houses and a stretch of seafront restaurants and cafes. It’s the most ideal solo travel destination for people who want to combine history, culture, and art with a beach holiday. A unique way to soak into the riches of this French town is to take a guided bicycle tour that passes through the classical French colonies and the traditional Tamil settlements. A delightful fusion of South Indian and French cuisines is available to cheer your taste buds. There’s literally so much to do that it doesn’t let you get you bored and that’s what makes it perfect for your post-breakup holiday.

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Image source: wikimedia

9. Hampi

Another destination rich in art and history, which attracts a lot of solo travel lovers is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka, Hampi. The remnants of the ancient edifices date back to the Vijaynagara Empire. Intricate carvings, interesting rock formations, and stone boulders cover the whole city. There are more than 500 monuments to explore with the gorgeous backdrop of hills, scenic landscapes and serene atmosphere which not only make it desirable for history and art lovers but also nature lovers. The river Tungabhadra adds to the splendor of Hampi, with coracle boats and stone hills. If doing something out of the box makes you happy, visit Hampi for your post-breakup holiday.

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Image source: wikimedia

Travelling offers you the privilege to disconnect from the things that remind you of your relationship and helps you overcome the separation. It also allows you to introspect and gain a fresh perspective of your life. If you need help with planning a trip to any of these places, Hire a Scout! They’re travel experts who will plan that perfect trip for you.

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